Battle of the Go Fund Me Accounts

Battle of the Go Fund Me Accounts
Battle of the Go Fund Me Accounts

The Democratic Party looks like it’s willing to go to any lengths to stop President Trump securing our border with Mexico, right up to shutting down the government in an attempt to stop the wall being funded. Plenty of ordinary Americans want to see it built, though – and some of them are determined to help that happen. Patriotic citizens have already raised millions to help build our wall – but leftists are retaliating, begging for money “to buy ladders”.
US Air Force veteran, Brian Kolfage, is a real patriot. A triple amputee from wounds he took in Iraq in 2004, Kolfrage’s loyalty to the USA can’t be challenged. Now he’s stepped forward again to support the president’s border wall initiative.


  • On December 16, Kolfrage, outraged by Democrat attempts to obstruct funding for the wall, launched a Go Fund Me (GFM) campaign to see how much he could raise himself. With an ambitious target of a billion dollars, it would pay for a big chunk of the planned barrier.
  • Inside of five days, the appeal had raised more than $9.7 million in donations. It’s now standing at $18.8 million – there’s a long way to go before Kolfrage reaches his target, but we’re already talking about a significant amount of money.
  • Questions have been raised about whether or not the government is actually allowed to accept donated money like this. Kolfrage points out that government accepts donations regularly; when the Washington Monument was repaired in 2012, half the money came from a $7.5 million donation made by a billionaire. “This is no different,” he says.
  • The Border Wall Bonds Act of 2018, if passed, will allow GFM donations to be channeled towards building the wall.
  • There’s opposition to Kolfrage’s initiative though. At least one Leftist group – Ladders for Migrant Siblings – has set up their own opposing Go Fund Me. As they can’t actually raise money to pay for a wall to not be built, they’re trying to find ways to get border jumpers past it instead.
  • Although the title of the opposing GFM is “Ladders to get over Trump’s wall”, they don’t plan to spend their donations on literal ladders. Instead, the money will go to a Texas-based nonprofit that helps so-called “undocumented migrants” to violate our borders and laws. So far they’ve only raised $158,000 of their $100 million goal.

Brian Kolfrage says that if everyone who voted for President Trump donates just $80 to his GoFundMe, that will raise the $5 billion needed to get the wall built – even if the Democrats manage to block federal funding. That sounds like a sensible investment in our country’s security.