Bernie Refuses to Release Promised Medical Records

With three 2020 presidential candidates in their upper 70s, it is the belief of many that Americans deserve the right to know if these and other candidates are good health. After all, no one wants to vote for someone likely to have significant medical issues in the next few months or years that leave them unable to lead our nation as we had hoped.

And most of the current candidates seem to agree with this. Or at least they did. But one has apparently changed his mind in recent months.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders made a vow to the American people about five months ago, promising that he would release his medical records to the public before the “first votes are cast.” As the oldest candidate in the field and one who had recently canceled three campaign events due to a “hoarse voice,” potential voters began asking about his health and physical competency for the job as President.

And so he promised to give the people what they wanted, an assurance that he was for the White House. He said, “The American people have the right to know about whether the person they are going to be voting for president is healthy.”

And he was correct in that thinking. We should know just how healthy our leaders are, and thus, how much longer and well can they do what they say they can.

However, five months later and over a full week since the disastrous Iowa caucuses were held (i.e., the first votes) and still no medical records have been released from the Sanders campaign.

NBC’s Chuck Todd brought this up to the senator on Sunday, trying to get an answer as to why out of the man. But Sanders wasn’t willing to divulge that information. Instead, he insisted that the letters from his doctors and cardiologists should be enough.

He told Todd on Sunday’s Meet the Press, “We have released as much documentation, I think, as any other candidate.” But he hasn’t.

Warren has released five pages of medical data and history. Similarly, Joe Biden has released three pages on his physical condition. The only thing Sanders has given out is a letter from his doctor saying that, in his opinion, the man is healthy.

But as NBC’s host says, Sanders isn’t just any other candidate at this point.

Todd quickly responded, “But no other candidate has had a heart attack.”

And indeed, he did, just last October, a mere four months ago. The White House hopeful then tried to defend himself by saying, “yeah, no other candidate’s doing four or five events a day, running all over the country.”

And while Todd agreed that his constant being on the move has, in fact, “proven your mettle here,” it still leaves voters with questions about his health.

I mean, this is a man who is 78, will be 79 by the inauguration, and who, just four months ago, had a heart attack. We would be daft not to question his health at this point.

But Sanders is adamant that he is in “good health,” and we should just take his and his doctor’s word for it.

“We have released a substantive part – all of our background. We have doctors who have – cardiologists who are confirming that I am in good health,” Sanders told Todd. And as if to make it more believable, he repeats himself. “I am in good health.”

But as we all know, saying it doesn’t make it true. And the fact that Sanders won’t release them, now makes us question him all the more. If he would just give his medical records up, especially if they show he is, in fact, in good health, that would be the end of it.

America would accept it and move on to other issues, such as his radical socialist ideas.

The fact that he hasn’t leads many to believe that he might be hiding something. No, a heart attack doesn’t necessarily look good, but we already know about that. Therefore, what would be the harm in showing Americans your history and current conditions, which you say are fine?

As he told CNN’s Sanjay Gupta after his heart attack, “The people do have a right to know about the health of a senator, somebody who’s running for president of the United States, full disclosure.”

So what changed his mind? Does anyone else smell something fishy going on?