Biden Joins Woke WNBA Team in Photo and Takes a Knee

Everyone knows that being in politics, no matter on what level requires a little pandering and appeasement here and there. After all, you have to at least find a way to say thank you to all those who voted you into that office, right? But at the end of the day, the job isn’t about simply making people happy. Instead, it’s doing what is best for everyone, no matter who they voted for in the election or what side they continue to support.

At least, I think that’s what most people believe, particularly if the position is a national one.

However, it would seem that our newest Commander-in-Chief doesn’t exactly see things that way. Instead, he’d rather go out of his way and even make a fool of himself to appease the political left who rose to put him against former President Donald Trump and cheat his way to the top.

One of the most recent examples of this took place at the White House on Monday. It was then that President Joe Biden welcomed the 2021 WNBA champions, Seattle Storm, to our nation’s capital.

Now, to be clear, this is not an unusual request. For just about as long as presidents have lived and worked at the White House, they have been welcoming guests of various sorts to join them for special occasions, in this case, honoring their recent athletic achievements.

But it soon became clear to all that Biden has little concern or appreciation for their championship win. Rather, Biden really takes note of the team’s supposed fight for “social justice.”

Upon welcoming the team to the White House, Biden took time to praise them, saying, “What makes this team remarkable is they don’t just win games; they change lives.”

He explained by pointing out that most team members have made names for themselves off the court as well as on it by “encouraging people to get vaccinated so we can beat this pandemic, speaking out and standing up for racial justice and voting rights, supporting education and… mentorship programs for young people and fighting to protect trans youth from an epidemic of violence and discrimination.”

Notice he didn’t say one word about their athletic abilities, their sportsmanship, or even their ability to work well as a team, which is supposedly why they were invited to the White House, to begin with. Instead, it was all about what they have done and are still doing to support the leftist agenda.

In particular, he praised Storm player Sue Bird, who happens to be engaged to political activist and US women’s national soccer team member Megan Rapinoe. As you can imagine, just being engaged to such a person would make Bird a fan favorite for most on the political left. Of course, Biden couldn’t remember Rapinoe’s name when he was talking about her…

But I digress.

However, the worst part of the whole situation was not the fact that Biden blatantly praised only his praised his party’s antics. No, the worst part of it all came after his short speech, at which time he chose to pose with the team for a picture. But instead of standing with the team, he knelt in honor of the many times the team and its members have on the court and in complete disrespect for the American flag and her National Anthem.

That’s right, in front of the world, Biden, the leader of the free world, took a knee to pose with this team, clearly making a political statement.

No doubt, this made many a liberal smile and applaud, knowing they have a president who quite literally bow to their wishes and agenda.

However, for Black Voters Matter co-founder Latasha Brown, the action was simply not enough. According to The Grio, Biden’s kneeling in supposed protest to ‘systemic racism’ was admirable and something Brown appreciates. However, she said, “we cannot just have symbolic progress.”

In other words, no matter what Biden does to appease the left, no matter how many times he kneels, no matter how many times he pushes through legislation to back their wants, and no matter how often he bends to their will, it will never be enough. Not at least until the whole world is in their hands.