(BIDEN VIDEO) “Creepy Uncle Joe” Biden Launches Presidential Campaign Based On Lies, Trump Welcomes Him to the Race Saying This…

“Creepy Uncle Joe” has joined the presidential race!
That makes 20 Democratic nominees all looking to take down Trump in 2020.
The former Vice President launched a video attacking Trump by trying to link him to a Neo-Nazi demonstration that took place in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017.
He said in his campaign launch video,

“We are in the battle for the soul of this nation. If we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation.”

Here’s the campaign video:

Here’s where “Creepy Uncle Joe” is omitting important information from his video as he tries to tie President Trump to supporting Neo-Nazis, while also attempting to divide the nation based on racial issues. (Obama did it, why can’t he?)
President Trump never referred to Charlottesville Neo-Nazi’s as “very fine people.” That’s a proven lie. The President actually condemned them on numerous occasions.
During a press conference at Trump Tower, The President was asked to respond to the unfortunate events in Charlottesville.
He said,

“Excuse me, they didn’t put themselves down as Neo-Nazis, and you had some very bad people in that group. But you also had people that were very fine people on both sides.”

He went on condemning the alt-Right mob and made VERY CLEAR he was NOT referring to them as “very fine people.
At the same conference he said,

“I’m not talking about the Neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.”

Washington Examiner’s Eddie Scarry wrote,
“Trump made clear several times during the conference that he was referring specifically to those who had showed up to demonstrate against the statue’s removal and that he otherwise condemned the white supremacists.”
Real Clear Politics’ Steve Cortes is another writer who carefully explained in his article saying,
“Despite the clear evidence of Trump’s statements regarding Charlottesville, major media figures insist on spreading the calumny that Trump called Neo-Nazis “fine people.” The only explanation for such a repeated falsehood is abject laziness or willful deception.”
Trump never referred to Neo-Nazis as “very fine people” and specifically condemned them on multiple occasions.
It seems Democrats will do ANYTHING to get votes, even if it means dividing the country into black vs white.
Listen to Candace Owens testify at a house hearing on white nationalism:

The entire foundation of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is built on a proven lie.
It seems “Creepy Uncle Joe” should be more focused on fixing the lies he’s told himself about his treatment of young girls.

Does Joe Biden have a chance of beating President Trump head to head?
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