Billionaire Bloomberg Reveals His Real Motive for Seeking the Presidency

Democratic Presidential candidate and billionaire Michael Bloomberg recently revealed his motivation to run for President, and as one story reported, it wasn’t to make America great again. In fact, his desire to run for President isn’t noble at all.

Pick a candidate, any candidate, and regardless of how far-fetched the idea, regardless of how far left or how socialist-driven, they all have some sense of betterment about them. It could be better education, better jobs, or better healthcare, but there is always something worthy and noble about any given candidate’s agenda. Well, until now.

One Presidential candidate promises a free pass into America and the promise of hope for a better life. Another promises free healthcare for anyone who breathes air and yet another promises free education to anyone who can speak. Of course, we all know this is hot air and politician-talk to win votes. Still, every candidate, for forever has always run on the premise of doing something good.

That doesn’t only apply to Presidential candidates, but it does apply especially to them. So what is the billionaire’s campaign pledge? What grande platform will he stand on and to whom will he speak to about making their lives better in some way?

Nothing and nobody.

Okay, that isn’t entirely true but it isn’t that far from the truth either. As our aforementioned story shared, Mr. Bloomberg does actually have a campaign pledge and he is running on a platform but it isn’t one you would expect. No, the former mayor and Presidential candidate isn’t running to save the world, to stop starvation, or to improve America, he is running on the agenda of hate.

According to the story, and quoting the candidate himself, Bloomberg announced his primary objective stating his “number one priority is to get rid of Donald Trump. I’m spending all my money to get rid of Trump. Do you want me to spend more or less? End of story,” and that is his platform.

It isn’t any secret that there are people who don’t want Donald Trump in the Oval Office. We all know some folks will never vote for him, that is the case with every single President in history. That doesn’t mean, however, for any President ever that they were the problem.

Maybe someone should inform Mr. Bloomberg that President Trump isn’t Satan. Maybe he isn’t aware that gun violence, high healthcare costs, and immigration were all problems that existed before the President took office. Or maybe the billionaire should just focus on fixing the problems because if is entire goal is to defeat the President…?

No, even the most ardent of anti-Trumpers will need more than that Mr. Bloomberg. We all already know that you aren’t running to lose, and like every other candidate, they all want to win the election. The difference is, they all have at least some type of plan or goal to make things better as their platform. Even those who don’t support Trump are seeking answers to America’s questions and ways to improve the country.

Micheal Bloomberg though seems to be banking on (and that’s quite a Big bank) there being enough hatred for the President to sway voters. While there is very little evidence to support this plan of attack, what is quite evident are this man’s own personal feelings toward the President.

How much would you have to dislike, loathe, or hate someone to spend your entire income, your life’s savings… or billions of dollars to defeat? Exactly!

Just to clarify, this isn’t just lip service that Bloomberg is mouthing, he is actually putting his money where his mouth is. Our story went on to report that “in 2019, he spent more than $155 million on political advertising… .” Yes, regardless of how ugly his motivation is, he is serious.

What if the billionaire candidate really did spend all of his money, only to lose to the President? Wouldn’t it be a great story if he went broke trying to win and then had to rely on the structure and government that is being built and led by Donald Trump?

Hate is a dangerous thing and it has been said that it can destroy a man. In this case, for Mr. Bloomberg, it may just be the very thing that could be his own undoing.