BLM Called Domestic Terror Group After Mayor’s Home is Vandalized

The Black Lives Matter protest was fine until the protestors decided that violence was the key to getting what they wanted out of people. They damaged property and even hurt people all along with their reign of hatred for America.

The Democrats and some political Moderates were fine letting them sweep through the cities damaging and hurting people. The lack of concern or compassion for the rest of the population was sickening to many Republicans as they helplessly watched from the minority of their liberal run state.

The Democrats and Moderates do not care what happens as long as it does not affect them. Such is the case for Mayor Cheryl Selby, who reigns over Olympia, Washington. She is a self-proclaimed Moderate that was just fine watching the protestors march through her city damage everything along the way until they got to her house. Her selfish reluctance to denounce the destruction of other people’s property hit home when the protestors vandalized her home.

And now all of sudden her tone changes as she realizes for the first time that this group is exactly what President Trump called “domestic terrorists.” Selby is a classic example of the attitude of Democrats and Moderates alike. They do not care about anyone else’s property or person until they are affected by the same source of destruction themselves. And now all of sudden it has become an issue that she feels must be dealt with.

The death of George Floyd was tragic and should never have happened. The Black Lives Matter terrorists used his death as a platform for violence. Selby got a first-hand look at the sinister deeds that the rioters are doing around the nation.

Her liberal tendency is to float between Democratic and Republican agendas. After her home was damaged she shifted from the Democrat camp to the Republican camp and echoed the same line as President Trump calling all their actions “domestic terrorism.”

Selby’s mind is blown as she stated that “I’m really trying to process this. “It’s like domestic terrorism. It’s unfair.” Sadly, it took her own home being vandalized with spray paint to realize how unfair it is to every other American that it has happened to.

Her pathetic words of guilt “It hurts when you’re giving so much to your community” mean nothing to everyone else that feels the same the way. They are glad that she finally caught up to what innocent people have been yelling since the riots turned deadly.

Now that the violence has crossed party lines the movement is no longer protected by the evil Democrats. The domestic terrorist group, Black Lives Matter, has got to be dealt with by force. It is time that they pay for their deadly rampage through America. Selby stated that no curfew would be imposed for protestors. She would live to regret that decision.

The liberal media is only fueling the issue with their hated filled propaganda. The Democrats want the media pushing racism ahead of the 2020 election. Chris Martin Palmer is an ESPN writer who is guilty of terror advertisement and support.

He stated that the rioters should “Burn it all down” as the buildings of Minneapolis were ablaze. And yet he would regret his words until the group got really close to his home about a month later. He would yell at them by writing “Get these animals TF out of my neighborhood. Go back to where you live.”

Many of these terrorists would sing a different toon if it were their homes or businesses being destroyed. They would not support such violence if it were their loved ones being beat and shot in the back of the head by the violent protestors. Selby is singing a different tune now that the violence has affected her life. Her words of support have turned into words of condemnation.

The United States of America is a great place to live. People have to obey the laws of the land even when a social injustice rears its ugly head. President Trump is all about keeping the freedoms that define the nation in the hands of the people. The Democrats only want to remove the freedoms so they can reign terror on a free population.