Bloomberg Uses Fake Pictures Once Again in His Ad

Michael Bloomberg has proven to the country that he is a man out of touch with current events. The rule book that he follows is no different from any of the other lying Democrats except that he is a few pages behind.

The work that he is producing with his ad campaigns has already been tried by other freaking Democrats. And they screwed up in the same way by posting pictures that supposedly prove President Trump is caging kids up at the border. Except the pictures are from when Obama was doing it.

The saga just keeps getting better as the nation watches the Democrats slowly self-destruct. The ad campaign that Bloomberg tried to pass off as truth backfired in his face and proved that he is fraud and a liar. He has no problem using pictures out of context and ones that are out of date.

Michael Bloomberg is the out of date former mayor of New York City. He entered the presidential race solely on the basis that he believes the younger Democrats are a joke and do not stand a chance of beating President Trump. At least he had that thought right.

The ad that he wanted to run was designed to point out areas of the presidency that President Trump has failed the people. This turned out to be a futile attempt on his part because there is not an area that exists where the president has failed. Even where things are lacking in the president track record there was a Democrat or liberal fouling it all up.

Bloomberg put into his ad the Brett Kavanaugh hearings were a failure. They were a failure only for the Democrats. Because they failed to block his installation. All the accusations that they made up about him proved to be fake.

The Democrats used the same old approach of attacking a person’s integrity by making false sexual claims about the person. They did it with Kavanaugh and they tried it with Trump. Both failed.

Michael Bloomberg also states that the immigration issues at the border are a failure of the president. However, the numbers do not lie and only prove that the president’s policies are working. The number of illegals trying to gain access to the country has fallen off dramatically. The deal President Trump made with Mexico is helping.

Bloomberg would end up failing with his ad campaign. Instead of using different pictures in his ad he used the same ones that the idiotic Democrats tried to lie about a year ago. Nothing in the ad can be trusted because it all looks like news from stories that are years old. Bloomberg got out his Democratic manual on how to screw up and just copied the pages of failures of the past.

Bloomberg tried to capitalize and the idea of the changes that President Trump was to bring to the country. He tried to pass off images of despair and cruelty that just do not exist. Instead, the country is happier than ever and better off since President Trump stepped into the office and pushed the Democrats out.

When a comparison of the images is done it is noted that as one would point out that “the crossed legs of the individual laying down in the Bloomberg photo is the same as the crossed-legged individual seen in the middle of the Getty images photo. The placing of the three mats near the head of the individual is stacked in the same position, as well. In the background of both images, one individual with a black shirt is seen sitting next to others with white shirts. Additionally, a row of five individuals with white shirts are seen sitting together, their backs turned to the camera, at a table in both images.”

Bloomberg could not even edit the picture. It only shows that the terrible man and the Democrats cannot even lie correctly without getting caught. They are simply a bunch of no good frauds that are terrible at things. Which makes it good for the rest of the country as they cannot get away with anything without being caught.