Border Agents Dealing with Much More Than Evil Illegals

Border Patrol Agent Warns: “WE’VE LOST CONTROL OF THE BORDER”

The border patrol has everything from security to basic care of the migrants that are coming to the United States. The migrant people come with nothing and must have provisions given to them for just about everything.

One of the most basic things that they are given is health care. Each person is examined by a medical professional to help them feel better physically and to help stop any diseases that are contagious from entering the country and infecting the rest of the nation.

The border agents are not criminals nor are they careless brutes that inflict harm on people like some drunken jailor. They are mothers and fathers and decent people that care for others like they would like to be treated.

Just in the past year over 900 cases of mumps were found and dealt with by these heroes. Each case was found to be with a migrant seeking entry in the county. The United States has all but eradicated such illnesses from within, except for the cases of children not being vaccinated.

These 900 cases are not just in one facility but all across the nation in 19 different states. If the border agents were not doing their job right, these cases would certainly have caused major outbreaks in the country.

Each case that shows up in the detention center is met with medical care and mandatory isolation of the person until they test negative with the infection. A total of 18 percent of the detention centers have seen this kind of outbreaks and diseases showing up in record numbers.

And yet the dumb Democrats want people to believe that the border agents are merciless tyrants that love to hurt people. But the truth is that each agent cares for each migrant that comes through the system like they are part of their own family.

These cases have spread to some center’s staff and law enforcement as they have been exposed to so many cases. Each person that has been identified as a carrier is subject to further medical care until the disease is cured. At that point, they are released and sent on their way.

Each person that comes through a center is given certain types of drugs to vaccinate them against the potential of catching these diseases. There are some that they are not given such as the flu vaccine.

But large in part the thousands that are at the centers weekly are healthy people seeking a better life for themselves. President Trump has fought for and won the right to send billions of dollars in aid to the border to help fight these sicknesses that continue to show up.

The Democrats want the people of America to believe that the centers are nothing more than concentration camps similar to that of Nazi Germany in the 1940s. They want people to believe that the migrants are being slaughtered by the thousands and being killed for sport.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Each person that comes into the center immediately has access to things that they never had back home. They are provided fresh water and food and just the basics that are needed for good hygiene.

ICE has provided over 25,000 does of MMR to migrants coming into the country. This is a far cry from the concentration camp mentality that the devilish Democrats would have everyone believe they are.

The detention centers are clean and well stocked with supplies that are needed for people to live on. The border agents are the real heroes as they work in conditions that are ever hard to bear. But they keep doing their job one day at a time.

Each border agent and center needs to have the money and the staff to process and care for the people that are seeking asylum.

They need to be able to do their job without having the meddling Democrats yelling and stopping around the centers like toddlers. They need the support of the people of the United States.