China Dismisses Study Suggesting COVID-19 was Spreading in Wuhan in August

There are a lot of studies that are being reported around the world that all relate to the coronavirus. Each report is based solely on facts that have been gathered in specific regions of the world. The reports are provided so a better understanding of the virus can be found.

Part of that understanding has to be centered around the origin of the coronavirus. All facts point to the Wuhan region of China. A fact that the Chinese are refuting to the point of broken relationships with nations. They have outright rejected a report from Harvard Medical School that essentially puts the virus in Wuhan as early as August of last year.

China would love nothing better than to shift their fault on to another nation. They have already removed all journalists and foreign-based reporters from their borders. This was done so the communist leader could control what was being published as truth from within their borders.

China has been on a major fake news kick reporting stories and testimonies that are proving to be unreliable. So, their objection to a truthful report is as ridiculous as they say the report is about the coronavirus.

The report suggests that the deadly virus was already on the move as early as August. That would certainly support the early reports of COVID-19 like sicknesses around the world earlier in the year.

This report would give condemning evidence that China and the WHO did a major coverup of the virus hoping to keep it all a secret. But the virus did not go away, it spread like fire throughout the world. All of the stories and information pouring out of China right now are in refute of the truthful report coming from a reliable source.

The report is using data obtained from satellite imagery of hospitals in Wuhan. Late last year those parking lots began to fill up. The report team also obtained data that symptom related to the virus. What they found was an increase in “cough” and other like symptoms in Wuhan. All of which paint the picture of the coronavirus. This report is convicting to the communist leaders who are trying to coverup the outbreak as something that is not their fault.

The research team stated that “While we cannot confirm if the increased volume was directly related to the new virus, our evidence supports other recent work showing that emergence happened before identification at the Huanan Seafood market (in Wuhan).”

At some point, the virus made its way into the seafood market of Wuhan. This is where it was first identified. But now the report is saying that it moved into the market from deeper in Wuhan.

Paul Digard is a viral expert that has stated that the data and method to put it together “is an interesting idea with some validity.” The ways a virus spread would cause the facts found by the research team. Keith Neal from Britain’s Nottingham University stated that “It’s an interesting piece of work, but I’m not sure it takes us much further forward.” Until it is all verified, it causes people to question the facts coming out of China.

If the report is fake and cannot be proved, then China has nothing to worry about. But since they are screaming about the findings, there is some truth to what is being presented. China is afraid that someone is going to discover that they have covered up the truth about how long the virus has been out.

The report stated that “In August, we identify a unique increase in searches for diarrhea which was neither seen in previous flu seasons or mirrored in the cough search data.” The facts are showing that something was certainly different in the area. Not even the flu caused such a spike at hospitals in the past.

There is no doubt that the virus has been spreading for months before it was finally identified. People around the world in early 2020 started heading the doctors with COVID-19 symptoms. All of which were dismissed as a cold or flu-like symptoms. The report tells the truth about China that they covered it all up for the sake of appearance.