De Blasio Has Abandoned His City, Crimes Against NYPD Happening in Broad Daylight

Politics: they are a necessary evil in today’s day and age, just as they have been from the beginning of time. To have a prosperous and workable society, laws must be put in place and followed. The question is and always has been what laws are the most crucial and who should be the ones deciding those rules and carrying out their enforcement.

Here in America, we decided some 200 years ago to let the people decide. The public is in charge. Our government is run by those that the common people of the US have put into office, trusting that they will make sound decisions and lead us in a direction that would strengthen our nation and her people and keep us safe.

However, all too often, the power and money that goes along with some of those positions are too much to handle. And, thus, our leaders become corrupt, no longer worrying about the people under their care but only concerned with getting more money and more power. It is an all-consuming condition, that once felt is rarely forgotten or left behind.

Such seems to be the case with many liberal leaders of late. But few seem to take it to the extremes that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has.

As mayor of the largest city in the United States, de Blasio has a great many responsibilities. The 8.55 million residents of NYC require public transportation services, well-kept roads and sidewalks to travel on, fire and emergency personnel to assist them in times of crisis, and law enforcement that makes sure laws are enforced.

And yet, it has been noted that de Blasio has spent mere hours in city hall in recent months due to a run for the presidency. That means a few measly hours to contemplate the lives of nearly 9 million people and everything that they need.

It’s no wonder crime is running rampant in the city, and people no longer respect the law. Every day, the city finds itself a victim of criminals that continue to get bolder and a police force that can do little about it.

Sure, the NYPD is still active, still employing hundreds of men and women trying to do right by their city. But the leadership above these courageous individuals no longer has their back. Instead, they are traveling all over the nation seeking votes and donations, while the cops that are meant to be the backbone for those leaders are being humiliated and disrespected.

I’m sure you have heard of the constant supply of food, water, and other random items being consistently thrown at NYPD officers. But that is not nearly the extent of what is going on in the city. Gang members and criminals have no fear of the law.

Police shootouts are not unheard of in city this large, but they are becoming much more prevalent, with threats being carried out by those who hate cops daily.

Proof of the anti-cop movement in New York can be seen by the vandalism of a police car this month. Again, this not something officers never see in the city, but this one happened in broad daylight on a busy street.

Video shows cars driving by, people standing and watching, and other pedestrians walking by. There was no shortage of people witnessing the act, and yet, the “perp” didn’t care and clearly was not afraid of any sort of consequences.

The video of the vandal in action was posted to an NYPD union, Sergeants Benevolent Association’s Twitter account earlier this month.

The text accompanying the video says, “VANDALISM of NYPD VEHICLE. 5th Pct Patrol car being trashed by a perp. Wonder what would happen if he were caught and resisted arrest. DeBlasio & O’Neill would probably say he was expressing his 1st Amendment right in DeBlasio’s lawless NYC.”

And according to other recent and similar events, this is most likely true. De Blasio clearly doesn’t care about his city or the residents there. He doesn’t even care for his own cops. As it is, he is already being accused of abandoning his officers and the city as a whole just to appease the crowds of would-be voters.

We thought that with his presidential campaign in the trash, he would return to the city and take up the plight of his police officers. Apparently, we were wrong. New leadership is a must at this point.