de Blasio Proposes A Socialism Take Over

If there was any doubt that a socialist is running New York City, it can now be fully put to rest. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio just stated that coronavirus gives us the perfect opportunity for the federal government to seize and nationalize “crucial factories and industries.”

de Blasio, like many Americans, is aware that testing and medical supplies are currently limited in the face of this new virus and its ability to spread so rapidly. And so he thinks that letting the government take over and control the production of them is going to help.

The NYC mayor said, “Here’s the reality. This is a war-like situation. We’re in a wartime scenario with a Mar-a-Lago attitude being used by the federal government. It’s so laid back, and I don’t understand it.”

Of course, de Blasio doesn’t understand it. Firstly, he, like the rest of the left and media who back them think that inciting panic and widespread chaos is the answer, or at least it will give them more reason for a full-on governmental takeover.

Secondly, de Blasio, as someone who has never been in any of our nation’s armed services or even involved, has no idea what “war-like” scenarios look like. Neither does he understand what it takes to handle them in a calm and collected manner.

Instead of working to unify the country in this time of uncertainty, he would divide it even more by not trusting American businesses and industries and saying that the government can do it better.

He told MSNBC’s Joy Reid, “Where is the federal government making sure our hospitals have the ventilators we’re going to need? Where is the federal government when it comes to surgical masks, getting them distributed? This is a case for nationalization of crucial factories and industries – literally a nationalization – that could produce the medical supplies to prepare this country for what we need.”

And while his state of New York has already begun to produce and distribute their very own hand sanitizer, de Blasio says it isn’t enough.

“The point I’m saying is the federal government should recognize this is a crucial part of stopping this. There should be a national approach to ensuring every factory that can make hand sanitizer should be on 24/7 shifts and the distribution should go to places that need it most.”

Does de Blasio honestly think that companies and factories are not already doing this? That they are just sitting around twirling their thumbs or something?

Of course, they are not. They are working around the clock to do what they can. But this virus is new, not well-known, and most companies were taken entirely by surprise with its rather sudden explosion into the American public.

Take factories that make the testing kits so desperately needed, for example. The virus is so new and so under-researched that it takes time to gather the necessary supplies to create the kits. Already, because the ingredients used are usually not in such high demand, there have been shortages.

Modern Healthcare just noted this week that because of these shortages and the lack of access to specific tools, manufacturers simply cannot keep up. Besides, as there is with any product being made, only so many can be made at one time, creating limits.

Factories that produce respirators, which are not a new and unknown product, similarly have run into problems. Up until now, these were a buy-as-needed type of product, with virtually no one keeping large quantities in stock. But now, they are in constant demand.

Naturally, in response to this increase in demand, manufacturers have sped up production. But once again, there are limits. And change as sudden as this doesn’t get made without any kinks overnight.

Does de Blasio think that if the government takes over these companies and controls production, these supply and demand problems will simply vanish? If so, he is a bigger fool than I thought. No, this is just another ploy to let the government take more control and reduce the entire civilian population to slaves.

The mayor’s party couldn’t even handle the first Democratic caucus this year, turning the whole thing into a goat rodeo that lasted for days. And we are supposed to just turn over our freedoms and American dreams in the hopes that they can do better this time around? I think not.