Democrats Renaming the Christmas Tree Because of Reference to God

The loony liberals have been trying to remove “Christmas” from the traditional phrase “Christmas tree” for decades. In many cases across America, they have succeeded in doing so.

The Democrats are trying to remove any reference to God or religion from society in an attempt to change American into a socialist nation. Tony Evers is the Democratic moronic Governor that has renamed the tree as a “holiday tree” in Wisconsin.

But right now there is a Republican lawmaker that is bringing back a bill that would call the tree what it is a “Christmas tree.” The Democrats hate religion because it instills moral principles into people that the dumb Democrats do not believe in.

For a Democrat, liberalism has become their religion. And they are going to spread it by forcing people to observe liberalism through law instead of faith. Tony Evers is forcing people to do what he wants them to do and that does not mention Christmas at all.

The Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has stated that the governor’s statement of the tree is “PC garbage.” It is nothing more than a way for the Democrats to waste time instead of doing what they were elected to do and that improves things for the future. They were not elected to rename Christmas trees.

The Democrats want everything their way, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. The Republicans have had to resort to legal ways to stop the Democrats from tearing down what defines the state.

Scott Walker is the one leading the fight against the stupid Democrats. He posted a tweet on Twitter that stated “Merry Christmas.” And he got several people that responded in negative ways.

His stated read “This is a Christmas Tree that is used by people celebrating Christmas. This is not a holiday tree.” Walker has made a point of distinction that cannot be rebuffed. It is a Christmas tree. Just to call it something else does not change what it has been for thousands of years.

If it were a holiday tree then people would expect to see decorations for every holiday that is on record. But the only thing on it are decorations made for Christmas. There are Easter eggs attached to it or it would be called an Easter tree. There are no turkeys on it or it would be called a turkey tree. There are decorations on it that specifically label it a Christmas tree and nothing more.

Scott Walker went on to point out that he called it a Christmas tree because “that’s what it is.” He said, “No disrespect to people who practice other faiths, but Christ is right in the name of Christmas. That’s what this is all about, the same way that we honor those who are of different faiths. As you mentioned, I referenced the menorah, which is used during the Festival of Lights, part of what we traditionally think of as Hanukkah. That’s not a holiday candleholder. And we celebrate other faiths as well. Why not keep it Christmas? That’s what this tree’s all about.”.

If the Democrats want a Holiday tree, then they need to set up a tree for each holiday. Then they would be able to call it the type of tree that it is. The stupid Democrats just do not like the fact Christ is mentioned in the name. As Walker stated that is who the holiday is all about. The Democrats are just plainly looking to start a fight with someone over this issue.

Walker stated, “It’s just one of those where sometimes you think people are looking for ways to be offended.”

The Christmas tree is a reminder of whom the holiday is all about. Just like Thanksgiving is a holiday that commemorates the idea of being thankful to One that thanks is owed to. But the Democrats have their religion of liberalism, and they are trying to force the country to adhere to and worship their gods of self. They are trying to turn the country into a socialist anti-God country.