DeSantis Gained More Voters This  Time Around…and THIS is Why

Trevor Bexon/
Trevor Bexon/

The people of Florida have spoken – and done so quite loudly. The election results mirrored many of the polls. Ron DeSantis had the lead by over 10 percent across the state. It was almost definite that Charlie Crist would not win, even BEFORE Election Day.

The gubernatorial race in Florida was one of the first races to be called on election night. Once about 75% of the votes were in, the Associated Press had called the race – DeSantis had won his second term.

It’s not just that DeSantis won, however. He gained more voters – and that includes turning Miami-Dade County red. That county has not voted for a Republican governor since Jeb Bush in 2002.

DeSantis had something going for him – he’d proven that he can offer people their freedom.

Florida didn’t buy into the COVID regulations of liberal states. And DeSantis stood up to liberal agendas that included teaching elementary students about transgender issues and about aborting viable fetuses.

Over the past few months, Donald Trump has been trash-talking DeSantis any chance he got. And why? While they are both a part of the Republican Party, it is assumed that both men will be running for president in 2024, even though neither has made official announcements.

With DeSantis gaining more voters than his first election as governor, it shows that he most certainly is a threat to Trump. If both men were to run, it is entirely possible that DeSantis could win the primaries – especially now that he’s taken Miami-Dade County.

As Fox News reported, the DeSantis-Crist race was one of the most closely watched across the nation. One of the reasons for this is that DeSantis has become known as “America’s Governor.” He tends to be one of the loudest warriors against the culture wars that are happening across the country.

Crist, at one time during their debate, had asked DeSantis to tell the people of Florida that he would NOT be running for president in 2024. DeSantis didn’t do that. This means that it is likely that he will run – and people watched the elections to learn a bit more about a presidential candidate. And even though DeSantis may leave the people of Florida to become their president, they still voted for him.

DeSantis also grabbed a lot of national attention because of flying migrants from Florida and Texas to Martha’s Vineyard. He has taken a tough stance on illegal immigration – and many Floridians applaud him for doing it. Even those who are of Hispanic descent are pleased with his actions. It’s one of the reasons he won Miami-Dade County.

People who entered the US the right way resent the Biden administration for allowing people to simply enter – and then get a slew of benefits. Republicans like DeSantis and Abbott are holding the Democrats accountable – and it’s why those Republicans won their elections.

Crist never really stood a chance. He switched from Republican to Democrat nearly a decade ago. He has struggled to gain his footing ever since, and it’s likely because voters not trusting him. Is he REALLY a Democrat or is he just trying to get the votes wherever he can?

Crist was quick to concede once the numbers came out on Election night, too. By 8:30 PM EST, he made the call from St. Petersburg, Florida to concede the election to DeSantis.

Freedom is here to stay!” DeSantis declared when he found out that he had won the gubernatorial race.

Now, we must now watch to see what Trump is going to do about it. Perhaps DeSantis’ huge win could cause Trump to sit down and choose not to run in 2024.