DISRESPECTFUL! US Soccer Player Throws US Flag On Grass During World Cup Win [VIDEO]

DISRESPECTFUL! US Soccer Player Throws US Flag On Grass During World Cup Win [VIDEO]

For many, the US flag is a symbol of freedom, duty and the American way of life.

Unfortunately for some, it’s a symbol of racism, bigotry and shame.

By now, it should be no surprise that the US Women’s National Team was full of controversy going into the FIFA World Cup championship.

But what occurred during their celebratory win against The Netherlands was beyond disrespectful for many Americans.

During the post-game celebration, soccer players Allie Long, Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan were cheering on the crowd. On live television, Long can be seen carrying the American flag.

As Rapinoe was getting ready to lead the crowd in a celebratory cheer, Long disrespectfully drops the flag on the ground to join Rapinoe.

Within seconds, fellow soccer player and patriot Kelly O’Hara can be seen rushing to pick up the flag.

Here’s the video:

While it’s easy for many to judge Long’s disrespectful actions, it’s also understandable why she may have dropped the flag.

Perhaps her emotions got the best of her and she dropped the flag because she wanted to join her teammates in a celebratory chant.

But just in case she did for a politically driven agenda, it’s important for members of the US Women’s Soccer Team to understand why this is disrespectful, especially to our military service members.

When brave men and women make the ultimate sacrifice to keep America free and safe, their coffins are draped with the US flag, which is then presented to the family.

The flag is a symbol of love, devotion and patriotism and a lasting memorial of their sacrifice.

And for that, Liberty Horn would like to thank US Women’s Soccer Team Player Kelly O’Hara for being a patriot and quickly picking up the flag.

We also would like to say “CONGRATULATIONS” to the US Women’s Soccer Team for a job well done.

Do you think Long did it on purpose or did her celebratory emotions get the best of her?

Should she apologize for her actions?

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

~Sounding the Liberty Horn!

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