Does Kaepernick Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize and Backpay?

Colin Kaepernick wasn’t some civil rights champion. He decided to go on a one-man crusade by kneeling in the middle of the national anthem. He didn’t tell people he was going to do it. He simply did it. He wanted to make a name for himself and it worked.

Is he looking to improve the overall economic boundaries of black and brown communities? Sure. He has a “Know Your Rights” camp that he works with to “elevate the next generation of change leaders.”

However, he was a mediocre NFL player who was stirring up trouble. NFL teams didn’t want to go anywhere near him because he wasn’t going about his crusade in a way that was considered acceptable, let alone tolerable.

Some people, when they really want to see change, do more than donate a million dollars. For the amount he’s earned, including his time in the NFL, the settlement with the NFL (that no one likes to talk about), and his endorsement with Nike, he’s not donating enough. He’s made tens of millions of dollars and has only vowed to donate a million.

Some people even go as far as running for public office because that’s how real change is made. While The Squad has their faults and their ridiculous ideas, at least they ran for office to have a chance to turn their ideas into laws.

Kaepernick, however, wants to whine and complain about how it’s so hard to live in America with black repression when it’s the same country that allowed him to earn $39 million in six seasons with the NFL.

With all that has been going on with George Floyd over the past few weeks, Colin Kaepernick’s name was brought up on The View. Sunny Hostin clearly has no idea how the NFL works. Or life, in general.

She believes Colin is “due” a spot on an NFL team, an apology, back pay, and the Nobel Peace Prize.

What the what?

Let’s break this down. No one is ever “due” a spot on the NFL. He had the opportunity to be hired back by the NFL. However, no one wanted him. Tim Tebow was an outspoken Christian and liked to bow his head in prayer before heading to the field.

One of the reasons he’s not on a team is for a similar reason that Kaepernick is out – he brings too much bad press with him because of his beliefs, regardless of whether those beliefs are right or wrong.

Although Roger Goodell, the commissioner for the NFL, has said “we were wrong” and that peaceful protests are now supported, that doesn’t mean that Colin Kaepernick gets a pass because “this is what we do now.” It is not the way it was done back then, and it’s still not worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize.

Showing disrespect and kneeling are not worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize, and shame on Sunny Hostin for even suggesting such a thing. He has brought no peace. If Kaepernick kneeling led to police reforms and George Floyd did NOT die at the knee of a racist police officer, then, maybe.

If Kaepernick was such a great crusader for civil rights and the black community, why were the events of the past two weeks happening? He went on his big crusade to show the world the injustices of a black man in the United States in 2016. Here we are, nearly four years later, and nothing has changed? How is that worthy of a peace prize?

Let’s not even go there with the back pay. It’s not as if Kaepernick’s actions have cost him anything. Just ask Nike. They’ve been paying him very well as a spokesperson since taking a knee.

The days of Kaepernick are over. He had his chance to make a difference and failed. Someone may want to get that memo over to Sunny Hostin.