Enough: Let Them Pray! Trump Demands Churches Open or Else!

The President of the United States is supposed to be the voice of the American people. The reason the Dems hate Donald Trump is that he voices what the American people want, not what they want.

All across the country, people have been demanding that they are allowed to attend church services. Americans are still God-fearing individuals for the most part. It’s why “In God, We Trust” is found on every dollar bill in the country, despite what many Democratic congressmen are trying to do about it.

President Donald Trump has called on governors across the country to open the houses of worship. He was careful to include all types of faith, too. He wants to see the churches and other places of worship open, including the synagogues and mosques.

Let people pray. It’s good for their mental well-being.

There have been countless studies to show that there may be a downside to months of being cooped up inside that people aren’t talking about. The emotional wellbeing of many individuals is being called into question.

People have talked openly on social media about living in pajamas. They haven’t showered in days. They’re so far removed from their normal daily routine – and that’s a sign that their emotional wellbeing has taken a hit.

The American public needs to get back to their daily routines as quickly as possible. This includes not only being able to go to grocery stores and use curbside pickup but also to meet with their faith leaders and those who share similar beliefs.

The Dems think it’s a bad idea. They warn that it’s too soon. They’re yelling at Trump that he shouldn’t be forcing the issue. However, they’re also the same ones who want to release prisoners to be compassionate.

Trump has faith. He is a religious man. Melania is a practicing Catholic, too. He has faith that leaders will do what’s necessary to make their congregations safe. He knows that faith leaders love their congregations. They don’t want to see anyone get sick because of opening too soon. However, with other places opening up, it’s only fair that the places of worship get to open as well.

The Dems are yelling. They’re saying he’s too pushy. They’re saying that he’s taking away the governors’ rights to choose.

Trump has said that if they don’t allow churches to open, he will override the governors. He stated that within America, we “need more prayer, not less.” And he’s right. And there are Democrats who know it, too.

First Liberty, a religious freedom legal organization, has already applauded President Trump’s words.

Many of the states have stages in which they are opening things. However, in some states, hair salons and restaurants are getting to open in stages earlier than churches and other places of worship. It’s not fair, and that’s why Trump is willing to go over the governors to help Americans be able to pray and embrace worship.

It’s still a matter of what people are comfortable with. Not all places of worship will open their doors just because Trump has said that they’re allowed to. Many have been sending out surveys to find out what the congregation wants. More time in between services. Reduced contact. Fewer chairs. Daycares closed until further notice.

There will be changes to keep the congregation safe. Why? Because Trump is absolutely correct. Worship leaders want to see their congregation kept safe throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Even when the places of worship open back up, people still have a choice. They can choose to go inside or they can continue to worship using virtual methods. No one is forcing them.

Trump is simply offering options. Churches, synagogues, and mosques need to be open just as the hair salons and the bars are opening. It’s not fair to open those and leave those who have faith without a place to go.

The Dems are complaining simply because they’re against Trump. They’re trying to attack houses of worship. Perhaps they should spend more time on their knees and less time on their soapboxes. Maybe, then, the country can start to truly heal from the great divide it’s suffering from right now.