Finish Building the Wall…Border Agents Stop Large of Amount of Methamphetamine From Getting Through

Poll: Should Taxpayers Pay for the Wall?
Poll: Should Taxpayers Pay for the Wall?

For the sake of our brain-numbed Kool-Aid swallowing Democrats who make every attempt at diminishing the same rights and freedoms enjoyed by those on the right side of everything, the extreme importance for better border security, and the express need for getting that wall finished, will be explained in the simplest of terms in the following paragraph.

Imagine thieves have been robbing you blind of anything left out in your yard at night. You build a fence but they climb over it. You make it taller but they saw through it. This time around you not only build it too high to climb over, but you make it out of steel and even bury it partially in the ground to prevent tunneling under. You never have another problem. Ever. The end.

It was around 2 PM when border agents spotted a middle-aged man and woman in the distance, on the American side, becoming larger as they slowly drew nearer. After a short period of time, it became evident they were heading straight to a section of border wall already in place near the Calexico West Port of Entry. As well-trained border agents do, they went into full alert as they continued to observe what they immediately identified as suspicious activity. Something was up, and they knew it.

Their hunch was absolutely correct when one of the agents noticed some type of a brown package being passed from a guy on the Mexican side to the guy on the American side. The woman appeared to have no part in the exchange and may have just tagged along for kicks. Who knew?

The same agent who had spotted the brown package made a split decision to cautiously approach the couple, but upon spotting the uniformed agent walking toward them, the couple began to run in spite of the agents ignored commands to stop. As if anticipating this to be the initial outcome of the agents approaching the couple, other agents were standing by and soon joined in the hotfoot chase. Fueled by fear, it took a while for the agents to catch the couple, but they were finally tackled to the ground with their faces eating sand.

Upon opening the brown package, the agents discovered seven separate packages, each one covered in its own individual cellophane wrapper. Inside of the cellophane was a pure white glistening type substance matching the identical characteristics of methamphetamine.

This would appear to be the happy ending of where justice is served and some drug dealers get taken off of the street, but the story in no way ends here. While the arrests were in progress, officers noticed a vehicle with its engine idling, in the same direction as the suspects had been running. Putting two and two together, the agents went in for a closer look. Oddly, the lone person sitting behind the car’s steering wheel did not try and accelerate even though he could have very easily escaped from the agents who were on foot. After questioning their new suspect he admitted to having a connection to the girl, but not to the man.

The woman and the driver of the car were both eventually released, but the man who had accepted the brown package containing three pounds of methamphetamine with a street value of around $5700.00, has not seen the light of day since his arrest.

This is but one instance of an ongoing daily occurrence faced by our border patrol agents. In this instance, because of the fence making the transaction difficult to complete and easier for them to detect, an arrest was made and the drugs never reached the general public.

If this type of drug-smuggling crime is attempted multiple times daily but often thwarted, where a border wall has already been constructed, just imagine the number of deadly drugs being waltz into America where no wall as yet exists. It’s mind-boggling and it must be stopped.

For anyone to be of the grossly illogical assumption that a good strong solid wall along our southern border is complete foolishness and won’t accomplish anything outside of wasting taxpayers money, take a trip down south and try to get through it. You’ll change your mind in a hurry. Build the wall!