Forget Chicagoland: Call it Gunland

Chicago is by far the most violent city in the United States. So many criminals are packing guns that the numbers are staggering. So far this year the city police have removed 10,000 guns from the hands of people that should not have them.

The police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has stated “I’m immensely proud of CPD for taking 10,000 guns off the streets this year. We need systematic change to prevent these guns from ever finding their way into the city.” What is amazing is the fact that the Democrats believe that they need to take the guns from law-abiding people to make the streets safe.

The reality is that criminals are getting these guns from other sources. They are buying them on the black market, or they are getting them through other illegal means. Chicago pulls more guns off the street than New York and Los Angeles.

Johnson has it right when he says about the source of guns “We sit in between Wisconsin and Indiana, who have lax gun laws and it’s easy for the criminal element in Chicago to go across the borders, fill up a duffle bag with guns, and then distribute them throughout our city. So, until we stop those kinds of flows we’re going to continue to see this problem and it just befuddles me that we can’t pass universal background checks.”

He has just admitted that the guns are coming from illegal sources. They are not being bought from gun shops by law-abiding people only to be used in a crime. These guns are being smuggled in from other places and sold to people that could not buy one legally because of their record.

The Democrats believe that the key to stopping gun violence is to take the guns away from the innocent people that are seeing their loved ones killed. This will only make them more of a victim at the hands of the merciless thugs seeking to rob or kill them.

Johnson is on to something when he states “We pick up somebody that’s used an illegal gun. Used it. Fired it off. On the books, it may say that’s a felony but at the end of the day when it’s all said and done that guys treated like a misdemeanor until about the third time we catch them, then it gets serious. The first time you squeeze the trigger you can kill somebody. That’s when you should be treated like that.”

He is saying that there needs to be tougher laws for gun violence. The Democrats need to see that the answer is not in disarming, but rather making it legal to use a gun to defend oneself from an act of violence.

The people being arrested with the guns in their possession are seeking to commit a crime with it. People that own guns responsibly are never found to be committing a crime with it. Because they are sane people trying to live their lives according to the law.

Some people think that Chicagoland has some of the strictest gun laws. That may be true, but they are not being enforced. Johnson stated that “That narrative that Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws, that’s just not true. If it was true we wouldn’t be talking about this. We have gun laws on the books that to me are lacking in certain areas. We need to enforce them more.” Current laws must be enforced, or they are no good.

Johnson also noted that the liberal judges are not making things better as he points out “I need to understand from the judges who think that these people are not dangers to the community, how do I explain that to people on the west side and on the south side who, in many instances, are living in a war zone.”

Every person except the Democrats knows that the criminals are getting the guns off the black market. The sellers seek top dollar for their illegal haul. They are just in it for the money. Chicagoland has become Gunland. The Democrats need to stop trying to fix gun violence by disarming the innocent and let them defend themselves. This is a sure way to end gun violence. To let people defend themselves without repercussions.