GOP Finally Rises from Impeachment Fallout

The Gallup Poll is the most honest and accurate of all the polls taken across America when it comes to politics.  One of the most significant pieces of information is Congressional Republicans ratings have now passed the Democrats as they went up by six points from October’s readings.  Democrats approval ratings have fallen, and Mitt Romney, the traitor among the GOP, is favored by the Democrats over the Republicans.

During October’s readings, before the impeachment took place against President Donald Trump, approval ratings for the House Republicans were 35 percent.  Currently, it has jumped up to 40 percent.  This is an excellent sign for November’s elections as the GOP hopes to take back the House of Representatives and keep the Senate.

It would be a dream come true for all Trump supporters and not only that but real American supporters.  President Trump has already shown he can run this country better than anyone ever has.  If he had the full support of the House of Representatives along with the Senate, none of these problems we have witnessed would have ever existed.

The GOP would have made sure America would have stayed on track to keeping Trump’s campaign promises.  Much was done during Trump’s first term, but everything may have been completed by now if we didn’t have the Democrats to worry about.

Republicans now have the highest rating and passed up the numbers of the Democrats since 1999.  These numbers are now showing Americans are tired of the trash taking place in the House of Representatives, and it’s time to take out the trash this November.

Congressional Democrats’ approval ratings dropped from 38 percent to 35 percent since they tried to overthrow President Trump through an illegal impeachment process.  Maybe it took that for the Democrat supporters in America to see how evil they really are.

With the approval ratings dropping three points, their disapproval ratings rose five points since October from 57 percent to 62 percent.  Things are really looking up for the GOP with positive turnouts.

The Gallup Poll began in 1999 and started tracking approval ratings between both parties.  The average numbers over 21 years still have Democrats ahead of the GOP. Still, there were many times they passed up the Democrats in the approval ratings.

December 18 was the last time the readings were announced.  The latest readings were from the end of this past February.  With the President’s acquittal, the economy, and the people getting sick of the Democrats and how nothing has gotten done in Congress, eyes are finally beginning to open.

Only a few bipartisan bills were passed since Trump took the President’s seat.  The majority of the time was spent with the Democrats going out on a “witch hunt” to get rid of President Trump, which was useless without any evidence.  They made themselves out to look like fools.

Republicans and the President were the only ones to get things done over the last three years.  Now, we are in the fourth year of President Trump’s first term, and America is stronger than she has ever been.  Many say President Trump will win by a landslide with just the economy alone.  The Democrats cannot touch the numbers President Trump put America in, and they know it.

The GOP is not the only one who has the highest rating after the acquittal.  President Donald Trump also saw his numbers at its highest since he took office.  An outstanding 49 percent of Americans gave the President their approval, and the number has not faltered even with the coronavirus outbreak.  This has to be killing the Democrats!

Among the Republicans, the numbers are also record-breaking, with 89 percent of GOP support.  The numbers had not been this high since President Ronald Regan.  But there is one GOP member within the Senate who is not favored among his own party.

Mitt Romney is now known as a notorious traitor among the GOP, and the Gallup Poll reading shows he is currently favored among Democrats.  Most of us feel they can have him because he is no good for us.

There is only 23 percent of the GOP who approve of Romney.  Democrats hold high esteem for Romney as they approve of him by 56 percent.  He may as well switch parties.  The numbers for Romney’s approval will likely continue to drop in the GOP as he continues to lack loyalty to his own party.  What a poor soul this man is.