Ha-Ha! Watch Warren Try to Hide from Camera When She Got Busted!

Never in time in the history of America can we say we have seen such hypocrisy from Democratic lawmakers than we have at present.  The Democrats have wasted taxpayers dollars by the millions of dollars and have done absolutely nothing for the American people.

When they did something, they come out with the dumbest of dumb bills such as the Green New Deal.  They have broken every law in the book, and now they break and continue to break their own.

We know Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are up there in the numbers for the Democratic nomination.  These are the two most active supporters of AOC’s Green New Deal.  Their hypocrisy shines through as they board and travel in their private jets.

Boy, they care about “global warming,” huh?  America’s economy would be destroyed if that stupid bill would go into law.  They want it passed through Congress, onto the Senate.  It will never get passed the Senate.

Meanwhile, on their campaign trails, the Democrats are flying in style with their private jets, paid for by our tax dollars.  It shows no sign that they really care about the environment.  Who knows?  Maybe, Greta Thunberg is flying with them!

We all know they are laughing at us while they live their high-class lives and care nothing for the American people.  From the Iowa caucus, Warren shot out to New Hampshire on that beautiful big jet she owns.

The funny part is, she knows her own hypocrisy because it is not that she got caught.  It is what she did after she got caught.

Elizabeth Warren and all of the Democrats lie, but the camera does not!  Someone posted a video on Twitter of her stepping off her jet with the caption, “Hahaha Warren was clearly trying to hide behind one of her staffers when she noticed someone was filming her get off the private jet.”

The two biggest rivals in the Democratic Primary who both are pushers of the Green New Deal were posted almost side by side as Bernie Sanders was not so shy in his picture.  He was proudly waving to the camera with a caption that read, “Rolling onto the tarmac in your Yukon to fly private to go talk about the Green New Deal at your rally like.”

To give an example of how bad the hypocrisy is, an article was written on how much was spent so far in the last quarter for Bernie Sanders’ private jet travel extravaganza.  He outflew every other candidate by spending just below $1.2 million.

Filings from Sanders for October through December of last year shows he spent $1,199,579 to Apollo Jets, LLC, which is a “luxury private jet charter service.”  How about that?  There was another record spent to Virginia-based Advanced Aviation Team for $23, 941 in flights.  But they don’t want you to know about that!

Let’s take a look at “Sleepy” Joe Biden, who came in second to spending in the last quarter, $1,040,698 to Advanced Aviation.  It makes a person wonder if he slept the entire flight, or if he remembers where he was going!

One part of the Green New Deal states a call for ending all air travel.  The provision says, “Build out highspeed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary.”

Wait, what?  Yeah, have a train built to go across the ocean.  Can we create one to Jupiter while we are at it? For that to happen, the aviation industry would crash, and so would the rest of the world on travel and tourism.

We all care about the environment like the next person, but there are somethings we cannot do without.  This is what Democrats want?  How can we trust those who cannot even follow their own rules?  How can they blame us for supporting a president who actually does something for the good of America when he does it?

The answers are straightforward.  This is all their plan.  It revolves around communism.  Only at the time, it is obvious they didn’t think everything through.  Just like all their lies, they didn’t know their hypocrisy would show through.  One stands proud and waves, while the other one hides behind another person.

This is the best the Democrats have to offer America?  If that is the case, there won’t be anyone available in their line of candidates who can ever stop The Trump Train from barreling through the Election of 2020!