Harry Reid’s Ego Causes Him to Look Like a Real Halfwit Moron Over Executive Power

Harry Reid has a real ego issue that is polluting his mind. The former Senate Majority leader Harry ridiculous Reid has gone on record stating that only a Democratic president has the knowledge to properly use the power of the president to issue executive orders.

He believes that the executive powers are only used properly when a Democratic president is in the Oval Office. Harry Reid has shown the world the arrogance and self-righteous ways of the Democratic Party.

He has stated the following stomach-turning words of arrogance, “We need a Democratic president for several reasons. We’ve learned over the last few years from trying to govern the country by executive order that there’s a lot that can be done legally with an executive order. Only a Democratic president can get that done.”

The last Democratic president is the reason why President Trump has had to issue executive orders to fix what Obama destroyed while in office.

Harry Reid has embarrassed himself and the party he is a part of. His words were directed at President Trump as he has ordered the fixing of Obama’s mistakes. Obama screwed up on immigration and President Trump had to fix it. Obama screwed up the economy and climate issues and every other category and President Trump had to issue executive orders in an attempt to keep the country from going into ruin.

The Democratic Party are not the know it all saviors that can fix everything. They are the reason why there are so many problems in America.

The agenda of the Democratic Party is one of destruction. He believes that all policies should be designed through the legislative process but only if the Democrats are in control. Harry Reid lives in a fake world.

Congress has been in the hands of the Democrats for nearly two years, and they have failed to do anything but try to find a crime where there is no crime. They have drafted no meaningful bills and have done absolutely nothing to help with the issues threatening the country. Another reason why President Trump has used his executive powers.

Ridiculous Reid also wants to have naughty Nancy Pelosi at the helm of the Congress next term. He believes that a Democratic utopia is coming. The Democratic utopia that he envisions is not what the other members of his party see.

Each member of the DNC is a selfish power-hungry ape that wants to be in charge, and they will do anything they can to get that power. The Democrats in Congress have proven this point as they have fought among themselves for two years as to who should be the leader in Congress. Pelosi is not the strong leader Harry Reid thinks she is.

Harry Reid mentions that his god Obama used his executive powers perfectly as he issued legislation without Senate and Congress approval. In other words, he could not work with the Republicans, so he went around them to get what he wants and that is power.

Reid states that his god protected children from being deported after they entered illegally by using his executive powers. What Obama did was put the kids in cages. President Trump had to free them all and reunite them with their families.

Everything that Harry Reid says about his Democratic utopia and executive powers does not match up with the ability to use those powers responsibly. His god Obama and others like have proven that the ability to use such powers are used to get what they wanted against the will of the people. President Trump has listened to the people and enacted his powers to deliver on the promises that he made to the American people. The people that liked what he said and voted him into office.

Harry Reid has made statements about his party that prove the selfishness and pride that they have. They believe that they are truly what matters in the country. He has also stated that people that do not agree with him or his party do not matter in the long term of things.

Since he believes all Americans are stupid and do not know what they are doing. The fact the American people know that the Democrats are up to and are not going to stand by and let them hijack the country for their selfish desires.