Have You Heard About China’s Bat Woman? We Have an Update!

The liberal run media seems to forget a lot of truthful details about important stories. They like to forget the things that do not support their dangerous push of socialism in America. If there are no facts to back up the story they are trying to invent, they simply try and pass off pictures of old events and facts as current situations. In some cases, the forgetful media tries to defend the criminals by presenting their side of the story as a sob story. They try to drum up sympathy for the people so they can change the story around.

This is the case that the media has been caught doing for the Chinese in connection with the outbreak of the virus. Shi Zhengli is the “bat woman” that is created with the release of the virus. She runs the viral lab that is based in Wuhan China where the virus came from. She maintains that her lab has no connection with the outbreak at all.

Her sob story is well told in liberal media circles. She claims to have lost sleep over the accusation that was being placed on her lab. She claims that she searched her lab top to bottom looking for any connection to the viral outbreak. Of course, she did not find any such evidence.

But when a person is accused of bad actions they are not going to turn over any evidence that would incriminate them. They are going to try and hide what they are doing. Zhengli is trying to get her few minutes of fame in connection with the outbreak.

Bat woman said she looked for mishandled information, but there is no telling if she is telling the truth about what was found. Interesting that she mentioned that she looked for the evidence as it related to viral pneumonia.

Many claimed that this was not the result of the sickness, but it certainly has been the case for some. She stated, “I had never expected this kind of thing to happen in Wuhan, in central China.”

No one ever thinks that the bad will come from them. Even if it was an accident, China refuses to take responsibility for their actions. They work to cover it all up and now it seems that the lab’s director is trying to shift blame from her to some mysterious person.

Interestingly that back in 2013 she was involved in a study of the same virus that is like a virus found in bats in other places. So, there is a strong connection between her and the virus. It is something she has known about for years and never said anything about it at all.

She mentioned that she was able to breathe a sigh of relief when the strains came back and did not match any that she had. What is not being said by the liberal media is that virus’ changes. In those years of knowing about the virus, it would have changed a lot. So, no wonder she does not recognize it. It is a new virus that now is treatable by certain measures.

The Chinese bat woman denies any involvement but admits to knowing about it. She takes a nasty offense when questioned about things as she says that “I advise those who believe and spread rumors from harmful media sources … to shut their stinking mouths.” The Chinese leaders just got her and the staff of the center to agree to deny all charges made against them.

Proof shows that her lab was cited by the United States Embassy for bad safety protocols at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In that report, it mentions her name and her research into the SARS-like coronavirus. The Chinese are caught up in another attempted coverup.

She is lying to people and the Democratic media is treating the story like it is the truth. All of the evidence points to the Chinese as being responsible for the deaths that have happened around the world. President Trump keeps this in his mind as he engages in business with them moving forward.