Idiocy Reaches an Entirely New Level When Democrat Eliot Engle Opens His Foul-Breathed Mouth

There are but two major rules politicians should abide by when being recorded by the press. 1. Think before they speak. 2. Make certain their mic isn’t hot when they are privately bitching and complaining to each other. Oops.

One of them recently forgot all about the second rule, and it may have caused the end of his political career. Considering the man’s entire political career has been tainted, to begin with, his stupidity comes in the form of a blessing for every true patriot in America, and especially those living in the 16th District of NY.

Needless to say, the man is a pathetic Democrat with an even more pathetic reason for serving in his soon to be former position as Representative of New York’s 16th Congressional District. In many instances voters are complacent with reference to their local representatives, often not even knowing who they are, preferring to concentrate on only the big dogs.

But this is a bad approach. Local politicians possess the astute ability to move communities in positive forward directions, and they wield much more power than some may think. This is of course, when and if they are willing to properly do their taxpayer-funded jobs, which the do-nothing Democrats among them, are generally not.

Who needs positive change, anyway? And, if one of these local representatives should miraculously get boosted up the political ladder, they remain lazy. The old dog’s new tricks metaphor proves the truth of the statement. Yet, the ‘dumbocrat’ voters keep re-electing the same people they know nothing about in staying true to their “who cares” attitudes.

The aforementioned referenced NY District is represented by a certain eggheaded Democrat with the given handle of Eliot Engel, whose IQ level is almost equal to that of an orangutan. Almost. No one deserves more credit than they are entitled to.

It seems the good residents of the district have been questioning their representatives’ whereabouts, claiming he’s harder to find than Waldo. Eliot’s habit of dropping off the radar is testing not only their already frayed patience, but it’s lighting their fuses in preparation for a huge explosion.

As a result of their frustration, Mr. Elusive Engle is fighting a tough primary battle, because at least in the 16th District of NY, even if in very few other places, voters are paying very keen attention to the invisible man who supposedly represents them and their community needs.

Engle, at least having enough intelligence to realize he’s about to lose his job, demanded to be recognized at a district event where the unrest in NYC was to be addressed on a more local level. He was overheard on two occasions saying he only wanted the talk-time because of the uphill battle he is facing, or otherwise, he would have been content with remaining his usual fly-on-wall self who didn’t really want to be there to begin with.

The Bronx borough president in charge of the whole affair, Ruben Diaz Jr., who was against Engle speaking due to the time constraints they were already facing, let him know in no uncertain terms, “I cannot have all the electeds talk because we will never get out of here.”

Then Engle confirmed what Diaz had already assumed was the reason for the lazy Representatives’ request when the sorry excuse for a man began unattractively begging Diaz through all but tear-filled eyes by saying, “If I didn’t have a primary, I wouldn’t care.”

Well. At least Engle was being honest as he spoke straight into a microphone he had no idea was hot. Remember rule #2? Engle sure didn’t. He’s been out of the loop for too long.

Engle attempted to explain his reason for wanting to speak by issuing the following statement. “In the context of running for reelection, I thought it was important for people to know where I stand, that’s why I asked to speak. Of course, I care deeply about what’s happening in this country, that’s what I wanted to convey. I love the Bronx, grew up in the Bronx, and lived here all my life. I would not have tried to impose on the Borough President if I didn’t think it was important.”

Then the hot mic recording was released…

Engle’s main challenger for the election, Democrat Jamaal Bowman, obviously overjoyed by the whole thing, had this to say in a tweet. “This is so incredibly painful to watch from @RepEliotEngle. It hurts. We need to be taking care of our communities right now — whether it’s election season or not. It’s clear that we need new leadership in #NY16.”

Here is a good suggestion for the fine people of NYs District 16, this time around, learn your lesson and do not elect another Democrat. Kick Bowman and Engel to the curb and get the job done the right way. The Republican way. Vote red.