Illinois House Removes GOP Member Who Refused to Play Democrats Games

Democratic lawmakers turn on the American people, but they are also turning on their own colleagues in the Illinois state House.

The filthy Democrats know no bounds when it comes to getting rid of GOP members. During a special legislative session, Representative Darren Bailey was voted 81 to 27 to remove him from the chamber. Guess why? He refused to wear a mask.

Democrats and the media have driven so much fear into the world they voted one of the House members to leave and not partake in the special session. The Democratic Governor JB Pritzker, who is also a Democrat, even rebuked Bailey.

Bailey told reporters after he was voted out the chamber, “I cannot sit in there and be part of just a puppet game.” He was also asked to take a COVID-19 test, which was asked but not demanded from all of the Representatives. Bailey declined to take the test as well.

Bailey was left to stand alone as the other GOP members in the state House followed the rules. At first, they refused to wear masks, but they said if the law was passed to do so, they would abide by the law. So, if the Democrats forced a law for everyone to jump in front of a speeding train, they would do that too? Who needs enemies when he has supporters like that?

Governor Pritzker told reporters, “The representative has shown a callous disregard for life, callous disregard for people’s health. You just [ask] a doctor [to] tell you why people wear masks in the first place. It’s to protect others. So clearly, the representative has no interest in protecting others.” There is more harm than good in this, but Democrats are stupid and instead push fear than facts.

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin, told NBC Chicago News, “We cannot ignore nor compromise the health and safety of every member in the General Assembly, their family members, and every one of our staffers who work tirelessly for us.” If they only realized how much more harm they are doing, but they treat facts as lies and conspiracy while lies and fear as being the truth.

Doctors have argued it is not safe for people who are healthy to wear masks. In early March, Dr. Anthony Fauci even explained why people should not wear masks. Now his story has changed as he is suspected of being part of the Democrats and following their narrative of fear and looking to spread it. To find the truth, we must ask ourselves this one question, how many times has Fauci been right?

The old saying, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer,” is precisely what President Trump is doing when he puts Fauci at the forefront. He is exposing him for what he really is, a fraud! We can follow the traces and see he has ties all the way to George Soros and his group of the evil mob we know as the deep state.

Real doctors who care about people and their health break down why people should not wear masks if they are healthy. They listed at least four of the biggest reasons.

First, they say everyone should do what they usually do during the months when the flu season is at its peak. Doctors even admit the flu virus is more deadly than COVID-19, and we have never treated it close to where we are treating COVID-19. The CDC suggests in their guidelines to wash hands, don’t touch the face, and stay away from people who are ill. It’s that simple.

Second, Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal explains how wearing is not effective in keeping the person wearing it safe, “Outdoors, infections don’t spread well through the air. Those photos of people walking down streets in China wearing masks are dramatic but uninformed. And remember if a mask has, perchance, intercepted viruses that would have otherwise ended up in your body, then the mask is contaminated.”

Third, Dr. Rosenthal stated the masks are not sealed. If the person wearing the mask or the other people around you is wearing a mask, then the virus can still seep in through the open areas, even between the cloth fabrics.

Last, Breathing is more work. It’s hard to talk to people, and oxygen is limited to the brain. Maybe that is why some of these people are being so stupid. Fear makes people do strange things.