Islamic Group that Supports Terrorism Just Endorsed Biden

As former Vice President Joe Biden is now the Democrats’ only chance at ousting Trump in November, celebrities, super PACS, and organization from just about everywhere seem to be announcing their endorsement of the man.

But one those more recent endorsements might not be such a good thing for the Biden campaign.

On the outside, Emgage might seem like just another in a long list of Muslim political action committees. It is funded by George Soros and very left-wing in its ideals. Therefore, we can hardly be surprised that they would support the only Democratic hope left.

But hidden just under the surface is a long list of reasons why this PAC and its endorsement shouldn’t be anywhere near a United States presidential candidate.

You see, the PAC just recently was announced as the official co-host of the Islamic Society of North America’s or ISNA conferences. And ISNA has always seemed to have some rather troubling associations.

Primary on that list is the Muslim Brotherhood, which said that their operational goal in the US is a “kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands.” Naturally, those beliefs are frowned upon here, and as such, the ISNA has said that they are no longer associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Whether they actually still are might be questionable, though.

But even if they are honest about this association, there are still plenty of others on their list ‘friends’ that aren’t exactly made of the greatest stuff.

Let’s take a look at the list of attendees at their 2018 conference, for example.

One of the first things we notice is quite a few who can be classified as homophobes.

Shamsi Ali is one. The ISNA’s website calls him a theological moderate, even though he labeled homosexuality as an “unbearable plague.” Omar Suleiman took this step further, saying that homosexuality was a “disease” that would “destroy your children.” And Muzammil Siddiqi was also there, who, along with being the former president of ISNA, stated that he “supported laws in countries where homosexuality is punishable by death.”

Not exactly a good look for a man who is trying to be all-inclusive, is it?

But that doesn’t even begin to explain what is wrong with this ‘PAC.’ They appear to also support a vast number of terrorist apologists.

At the top of this list is Linda Sarsour, a woman who co-founded the Women’s March but also said that America needed to experience a violent “intifada.” She is also an adamant anti-Israel advocate, saying in 2018 that “humanizing” Israelis was wrong.

Also in attendance was Suhaib Webb. Webb is known for a hosting fundraising event for a former Black Panther, Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, who is now in prison for killing a sheriff’s deputy. Webb’s co-host for the event, Anwar al Awlaki, is a known terrorist who was an al Qaeda preacher before he was killed in an American drone strike.

Another friend of Al-Amin was also in attendance, Khalid Griggs, who called for Obama to pardon Al-Amin. Griggs is also known for saying that al Qaeda was only the “presumed perpetrators” of 9/11. He is adamant that the whole event was designed to wage war against “legitimate resistance fighters overseas.

Then there is Hatem Bazian. Bazian is a leader of American Muslims for Palestine and has been known to defend terrorists in the court of law.

Suffice it say, Biden shouldn’t at all be proud of this endorsement. And yet, in response to Emgage’s support, the former VP said he was “honored.”

Now, it could be said that Biden just doesn’t have any idea what Emgage really is or who they are involved with. After all, Biden isn’t sure of much these days.

However, even if he does know, it’s a sure thing that he and his campaign are going to be silent about it just in case someone figures it out and brings it to the nation’s attention. The campaign is already refusing to comment on the issue, that way they can deny ever knowing anything negative about it later.

I bet, come the general election, it will be brought up. And it won’t be pretty for Biden no matter what he says.