Israel Wins Big as Biden Meets With Saudi Prince

Michael F. Hiatt/

Joe Biden has to live up to his mistakes and big mouth as he is set to finally speak with Mohammed bin Salman who is the Saudi Crown Prince. The president has been avoiding the prince because of alleged human rights violations. Biden thinks that the prince is responsible for supporting and violating people’s rights. But with the high oil prices and a nation breathing down his neck, Biden must look like he is acting on behalf of the country.

The old man thinks that by meeting with the prince that he will be able to convince him to increase the output of oil. And he thinks that such a meeting will be a benefit to America and make him look good. But the only nation that will benefit from the meeting will be Israel.

The Jewish nation is not a favorite of the Biden administration. His people have tried to throw their support behind Israel’s enemies by engaging in anti-Israel and pro-Muslim policies.

Biden’s failure to take action against Israel has led to the Jewish people having one victory after another over the old man. Biden failed to get Iran back onboard with a nuclear treaty. And he failed at getting the Palestinian people recognized as their nation. He does not have it in him to start a project and see it through to completion.

Newsbreak reported on the meeting that “Biden has several reasons to grit his teeth and see the young Saudi prince, the country’s de facto ruler, whom U.S. officials hold responsible for the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, among other abuses. Perhaps most urgent: Biden needs the oil-rich Gulf Arab states, including Saudi Arabia, to help lower skyrocketing energy prices caused by Russia’s war on Ukraine, a move that would indirectly boost Kyiv, which is worried about waning international support as the conflict bleeds on. Food security, another hot-button issue thanks to the war, is also on the agenda.”

Israel hopes the Saudi Prince will join forces with the other nations already supporting Israel economically. Former President Donald Trump secured several leaders willing to engage in capitalist dealings with Israel. And Biden seems to be on a role in adding to what his predecessor was accomplishing. A move that forces the president to swallow his pride and admit that Trump was right all along.

The prince is set to attend a summit in the Saudi city of Jeddah. There the president will have to eat his ego and swallow his arrogance even to have a chance of meeting the price. Biden has been reluctant to talk about the meeting or even show enthusiasm about traveling. He knows that what he is about to do is against everything his socialist blood represents.

Biden hates the truth that he has been living in the shadow of the greatest president ever to sit in the White House. He was unable to kill off all the great things that Trump was able to do for America and the world. Donald Trump set in motion several projects and events that Biden has been forced to continue.

The Middle East policies are among the most incredible stigma Biden has lived with for the past two years. Trump stated that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel, and he even saw to it moving the embassy there. Those two acts alone Biden has been unable to change. He has had to continue the policies that remind him that Trump is a better president than he will ever be.

Israel is set to be the big winner in the upcoming meeting. Biden has yet to empower the Palestinian people or even undo any of the pro-Israel items that Trump was able to leave behind.

The world will watch the United States President come begging on his knees for the Saudi Prince to increase oil production so Biden can claim credit for lowering the oil prices. But in the end, it will be Israel that will end up having more people come on board with an economic growth plan for the region that Donald Trump was able to set up for them.