LA Forces Contractors to Disclose NRA Ties

LA Forces Contractors to Disclose NRA Ties
LA Forces Contractors to Disclose NRA Ties

National Rifle Association (NRA) members living in the city of Los Angeles now have to choose between having a stable income to support themselves and their family or supporting their beliefs. This is another way for the Left to limit gun owners’ rights. Since when does owning a gun or being part of an association outside of work affect an American’s career or work life?
Hot Points

  • Apparently, the LA city council has unforeseen insight that the rest of us know nothing about. They unanimously approved the new ordinance on Tuesday, which forces current or bidding contractors to reveal their association with the NRA. This ordinance states, “Each [Contract] Awarding Authority shall require that a Person fully disclose prior to entering a Contract, all of its and its Subsidiaries’ contracts with or Sponsorships of the NRA”.
  • The LA council claims they will not ban the contractors with ties to the NRA from working with the city but common sense tells us that if this ordinance has been passed then those contractors will not get the work.
  • The council is claiming that residents want to know where and on whom their tax money for the city is being spent. These backdoor methods to take away the rights of gun owners, again, proves how divided this country is. The council would rather see hard working contractors that have an affiliation to an association outside of work struggle with their livelihood instead of giving them city contracts to complete.
  • The NRA has not taken this new blacklist concept for control over their members lightly. They have warned the LA city council that they will sue and believe they will win, stating that no judge will allow this to continue.
  • This ordinance not only violates the NRA  members’ 1st amendment rights by the disclosure requirement on its own but ultimately threatens their right to bear arms (the 2nd amendment).
  • The NRA has sent a letter to the city council that reads, “The First Amendment protects the right to free speech and association. The proposed ordinance specifically blacklists those who affiliate with the NRA and is an unconstitutional effort to restrict and chill an individual’s right to associate and express their political beliefs. It forces NRA members who are contractors or wish to become contractors with the city to make a choice in whether they support the advancement of their beliefs and the causes they hold dear or put food on their table.”
  • The city stands behind this ordinance, saying that having ties to the NRA makes this country a more dangerous place to live. When will people see that owning a gun or being part of an association such as the NRA does not kill people or affect how you work?
  • Last time we checked, it takes zero effort to be a decent human being. The Left needs to stop pushing their laws and beliefs on legal gun owners. They should also put more effort into people who don’t admit to being fans of 2A, yet commit violent crimes with illegal weapons.