Left Goes After Pence

The Left is now targeting Vice President Mike Pence for his comments during his speech in Munich. We all know that anytime the President or the Vice President of this country say anything, the Left will be waiting to twist it around to suit themselves. What they don’t realize is that facts are facts and if something isn’t working it needs to be adjusted for the good of everyone involved.

Hot Points

  • This criticism from the Left is stemming from the nuclear deal President Trump threw out in May of 2018. This deal had been signed by the U.S., Russia and China under the leadership of former President Obama. These powers signed this deal to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. This deal was not working so Trump took a stance against it and the Left never likes to be called out on their mistakes
  • Pence voiced his criticism of the allies of the United States by saying, “The Iranian regime openly advocates another Holocaust and it seeks means to achieve it.” He continues, “The time has come for our European partners to withdraw from the disastrous Iran nuclear deal and join us as we bring the economic and diplomatic pressure.”
  • It is not surprising that Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put in her two cents, saying, the Trump administration is “completely wrong” and this is a bad move when it comes to Iran. She also added, “I would hope that before pulling out of Syria, or pulling out of the nuclear treaty, that he (Trump) would consult our allies, and their point of view”.
  • The Left can say what they want about Pence and the Trump administration but this president has accomplished more with foreign representatives and their countries then the Left did while their elected leader was in office for two terms.