Man Carrying Assault Rifle at Floyd Protest Plotted to ‘Off Racists and MAGA People’

The depth of the crime of the protesters continues to mount as a man from Texas was found making threats to people while carrying a loaded assault rifle. The whole idea of outside interference is proven true as Emmanual Quinones shows up in Lubbock looking to shoot someone. The Justice Department charged the man with “making interstate threats.” He came to the demonstration carrying a weapon looking to make trouble.

The right to peacefully protest is destroyed when people like Quinones show up on the scene. It is one thing to peacefully protest change when social injustices take place. But, it is quite another matter when weapons are used to incite violence and harm innocent people. These actions are at the center of anarchy. And for Quinones to show up with a weapon and start threatening people is nothing more than terrorism.

The Texas man refused to drop the rifle once police showed up to taken him down. He violently ignored their orders and would only comply once a police officer drew his gun. The police have every right to protect themselves from violent people like Quinones.

They have families that they want to go home to every day just like everyone else. Police officers are trained to handle high-stress situations. But when a gun is pulled the adrenaline starts pumping and sometimes things can get out of hand.

During the altercation, a peaceful protester tackled the violent man and took him to the ground. Proof that Antifa and other groups are inciting violence is seen in what Quinones said as he was being arrested.

He states that “This is a revolution. President Trump must die.” This also proves that crazy liberals are behind the violence as well since they too would like the president removed from office.

Quinones’s weird views are seen in the way he views President Trump and his supporters. He had set up social media posts that were designed to “intimidate” the president and what he called “MAGA instigators.”

No supporters of President Trump have ever started a violent protest like what is happening around the country. Quinones had lost his mind and believed that everyone that supported the president was enemies and needed to die.

Matthew J. DeSarno is an FBI agent that stated “The FBI respects the rights of individuals to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights. In this case, the defendant threatened multiple lives including the President of the United States and that will not be tolerated.”

Threats made about any president are always taken seriously by the FBI. It does not matter if they are Republican or not. Quinones is a nasty version of the radical liberals that would like to overthrow the United States.

In his strange utopia, Quinones was going to do a job that he felt the police could not do and that was to identify “MAGA instigators.” He has been brainwashed to believe that peaceful people are the ones inciting violence. The media and Democrats are his sources of information.

Erin Nealy Cox is the U.S. Attorney and she stated that “Instead of respecting citizens’ rights to respectfully voice their feelings, this defendant incited panic, putting everyone present — including those he claimed to support — in danger. We will not tolerate attempts to instill terror or encourage violence at otherwise peaceful protests.” Quinones was taking the rights away from those that were there to peacefully protest. If the deluded man is convicted, he will rot in prison for the better part of five years.

DeSarno would sign off and say that “We will continue working with our local, state, and federal partners to apprehend and charge violent instigators who are exploiting legitimate, peaceful protests and engaging in violations of federal law.”

Law enforcement officers are not the overall big problem. It is all the sad violent loving criminals that just wait for something like Floyd’s death to happen before they start to attack everyone in sight. President Trump will not allow people like Quinones to ruin the greatest nation on earth. America exists as a symbol of freedom and opportunity to all those that come legally to its borders.