Man Pushes 92-Year-Old Lady to the Ground

Our system of law is most definitely broken. But in contrast to what the progressive left says, it has little to do with our police officers. Instead, look no further than our city officials and judicial system who have now allowed criminal after criminal to walk away from even abusive and physically violent crimes without so much as paying a penny.

Take the case of Rashid Brimmage, for instance.

Brimmage, from the Bronx, was recently caught on camera, violently pushing a 92-year-old woman to the ground for doing nothing more than walking by him.

As you can see from the following video, this woman doesn’t do or say anything to Brimmage. She is simply making her way to the local drug store, a trip she has made many times before with no problem at all.

And yet today, her head is quite literally forced to bounce off a fire hydrant when she is assaulted by a man she has never met before.

Brimmage, after pushing her, keeps walking, glancing back once to look at his damage, but otherwise unconcerned with his actions.

And why would he be? After all, the judicial system has done nothing to teach a man like Brimmage that his abuse is not only heavily frowned upon but illegal and criminal.

When this video was first found, local police hastily put it on social media and local news stations, asking for any information about the suspect.

However, when they finally caught up with him a few hours later, they realized they were already well acquainted with Brimmage, very well acquainted, in fact.

You see, Brimmage has been arrested before. And not just once or twice. In fact, he has been arrested 100 times before this incident. Three of those have been since February, all for unprovoked assault.

And each of those times, he has also been let free to do it again, thanks to the new bail reform laws New York has adopted.

According to NBC News, “A senior law enforcement officer tells News 4 Brimmage is a recidivist with 100 prior arrests who has gotten a desk appearance ticket for his most recent ones because of bail reform. He is an NYPD co-response client, which means police have responded with social workers when dealing with him. Brimmage has an extensive history of being emotionally disturbed in police encounters as well.”

The news outlet goes on to speak of Brimmage’s most recent crimes, namely those three assault charges since February.

“On March 9, he allegedly punched a 29-year-old man in an unprovoked attack at a pizza shop in Manhattan. A few weeks before that, Brimmage allegedly punched a 39-year-old female at a Dunkin’ Donuts in the Bronx. On Feb. 4, he allegedly punched a 39-year-old man in the face at that same Dunkin’ Donuts. In the two latter cases, he received desk appearance tickets.”

On top of being physically abusive, Brimmage is also under suspicion to have committed grand larceny back in February when he stole money from a woman’s purse. And before that, he was convicted of being a “level 2 sex offender with a July 23, 2014 arrest for persistent sexual abuse,” according to ABC7 New York.

And yet the man still walks.


Well, that’s a tricky subject.

You see, he is homeless and currently lives at a shelter in the Bronx. And in the country, especially in larger Democrat-run cities like New York, the homeless and mentally unwell, are quite often given a free pass for just about everything.

In Seattle last year, one homeless man, who also has a habit of random assault, didn’t even get probation, even though he had been convicted, not just arrested, of similar charges a total of 72 times.

And that is exactly what seems to be happening with Brimmage. Local police have stated that they are concerned that he will get “yet another desk appearance ticket” and continue to neither learn from his mistakes nor change his unsavory habits. An unfortunate cycle that never seems to end.

No wonder people are leaving the big cities in droves, seeking out smaller, less crime-filled communities where what little misconduct is there is actually punished. People like Brimmage’s latest victim.

Before her encounter with him, she says, “I’ve felt very safe in the city.” But “now, forget it. I’m afraid to go out.” While just sustaining bruising, she says, “I’m frightened to tears. I’m not going to walk there on my own, and it’s very upsetting.”