Mitt Romney vs. Donald Trump in the Primary?

There is speculation into Senator Mitt Romney running against President Donald Trump in the Republican primaries for President of the United States.  There is also silent evidence that backs up this claim as well.

Romney is an opportunist and likes to “hit and run” when it comes to politics.  Senator Romney is the only outspoken Republican to go against President Trump while the impeachment inquiries are taking place.  This is one of the most prominent signs he is ready to challenge President Donald Trump for the Republican seat in the primaries.

It is no secret Senator Mitt Romney has it out for the president.  Since he ran against him in the last primary race in 2016, Romney has jabbed verbal attacks against the president.  Romney has shown his true colors in these last few weeks, and it has angered the president and the GOP.

In the most recent tweets, Romney attacked the president by saying, “When the only American citizen President Trump singles out for China’s investigation is his political opponent in the midst of the Democratic nomination process, it strains credulity to suggest that it is anything other than politically motivated.  By all appearances, the President’s brazen and unprecedented appeal to China and to Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden is wrong and appalling.”

Romney claims to be the voice of morality.  Still, in reality, he is showing the signs of a true politician who is only out to set himself up for embarrassment in the primary polls.  Anyone who looks at this can see he is a traitor to the Republican Party, his state of Utah, the Senate, and President Trump.  The president even helped him get the Senate seat in Utah by endorsing him and campaigning for him.  When the position came open for the Secretary of State, Trump denied him the position.  This would lead a person to believe, Romney is jealous and bitter for not getting his way.  It sounds more like Romney is not a Republican, but rather, a two-faced Democrat.

Bill Kristol put out a poll on Twitter asking, “Let’s see how much of a hellscape Twitter is. Whom do you respect more?  Donald Trump or Mitt Romney?”  The results came back with 63 percent in favor of President Donald Trump and 37 percent in support of Senator Mitt Romney.  These were the final results out of almost 250,000 people.

President Trump has said it himself, there was never a time when Republicans supported their president this much.  And then there is Mitt Romney, going against the grain.  What other ultimatum would there be if he did not want to challenge the president in the GOP primary?

If Romney were a real Republican, his tweet attacks would be directed toward Adam Schiff for his lies about the whistleblower and using the complaint to open up the investigation into Trump and Zelensky’s phone call.  Many see Romney now as to busy to go after the Democrats because he is spending all his time criticizing President Trump.

The considerable difference in President Trump compared to other presidents is Trump will not allow anyone to bad mouth him or his family.  He not only stands up for America, he stands up for himself and voices his opinion no matter what people think of him.

The president lashed out at Romney after his tweet and called him a “pompous a–.”  Saturday, he tweeted, “Somebody, please wake up, Mitt Romney.”  The president stated his phone call with the Ukraine leader was “congenial and very appropriate.”  Trump concluded, “Mitt Romney never knew how to win.  He is so bad for R’s!”

More post popped up recently from organizations and Romney supporters on Twitter, which is evidence the rumors are most likely true, and Romney will throw his hat into the race for the Republican seat.  He is quietly accepting donations as announcements on Twitter sounded off the alarm stating, “BREAKING: Senator Mitt Romey has been calling conservative donors asking about a potential 2020 primary run against President Trump.”

Another Romney supporter tweeted, “Mitt’s Decency over Trump’s Indecency.  Mitt’s Patriotism over Trump’s Fascism.  Mitt’s Democracy over Trump’s Dictatorship.  Mitt’s Grace over Trump’s Disgrace.  Mitt over Trump in 2020.  If he ran, he would [email protected] over the traitor @realDonaldTrump.”

Though the evidence is leaning toward Romney challenging the president, no one can tell the future.  But we can all see if the rumors are leaning to the truth.  President Trump will slaughter Senator Mitt Romney in the polls.