New Guidelines Released…The Mask Police Are Going to Be Furious!

The mask police have been in full force for weeks. Now, they’ve come out in droves as states begin to open the economy back up. They’re starting to shame people for not wearing masks. The Dems are the biggest police of them all, pointing fingers, posting videos, and telling people when they should and shouldn’t wear masks.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is ready to do a mic drop on everyone.

They’re going to echo the CDC in regard to just about everything. Wash your hands. Maintain your social distance from people. Use sanitizer.

Now, they also have a few things to say that the mask police aren’t going to like. You have to replace masks with new ones when they get damp. You should also not be reusing the same single-use mask again and again. For those who think that they’re doing the world some amazing justice by wearing a dirty mask each and every day, they’re not.

There’s another piece of advice they’re issuing, too. If you’re healthy, you should only be wearing a mask if you’re taking care of someone diagnosed with COVID-19.

Say it louder for those in the back: If you’re healthy, you don’t need to be wearing a mask.

It seems that the Democrats have decided to take mask-wearing as the retort to the red MAGA hats. If you wear a mask, it means that you have respect for fellow man.

Does it, though? Or does it mean that you’re refusing to listen to common sense from the World Health Organization? Or does it mean that you’d rather judge people because they have different ideas than you?

Some states and counties are requiring the use of masks everywhere, despite what the CDC and WHO have said. Other states and counties are leaving it up to the individual.

Where does the divide lie?

Most of the areas dictating that residents have to wear masks – Denver, Orlando, Baltimore are Democratic. And failure to abide can lead to some pretty hefty signs.

What does it mean when states are going against what the WHO and CDC are recommending? It means that they have absolutely made it into something political.

Rather than focusing on helping the country heal from the pandemic, the mask police want to turn this into something political. The problem is, the supposed mask police that want to point fingers at people not wearing masks aren’t even wearing them all the time. And then they are, it’s under their nose, hanging loosely under their chin, or dirty from wearing a single-use mask for too many days in a row.

There are extremes on every side, whether it’s about politics or something as simple as wearing a mask. @InAMadWorld111 takes an extreme anti-mask approach, identifying that people wearing masks are less likely to make eye contact or interact. They state that wearing a mask isn’t about the virus or the pandemic but about control.

It’s possible that the Dems are trying to control us through fear. They’ve been trying to do it for years through the left-leaning media. They scare people into submission. They scare us with their lies about Trump to get us to vote Democratic. However, their reality is the scariest of all, which is why Trump’s re-election campaign is going as well as it is.

Masks aren’t supposed to be political. They’re supposed to be used to save mankind. But masks only work in some situations. And when worn properly. Handwashing is better, yet too many people won’t see it that way.

WHO has a point. And if the World Health Organization isn’t the one to listen to, who is? Let’s just wash our hands and keep a social distance from people. If you feel like you want to wear a mask when you can’t social distance, then do it. If you don’t want to wear a mask, then don’t. Just stop shaming people.