Obama’s Legacy Hit Again…By The DNC

The Democrats are supposed to love Obama and all that he did for the country. It’s what Biden is desperately counting on as he holds onto the top position in the polls.

However, the Dems continue to take swings at Obama’s legacy – and this time, it’s by the DNC.

When Obama was running for president, he created a political group outside of the Democratic National Committee. This was a huge no-no, but he did it anyway because he wanted to prove that he was different.

His group, Organizing for Action, was a way to distance himself from the DNC, although they were the ones that were predominantly responsible for getting him into the presidency. It left quite the sting for the DNC, too.

All of the current 2020 presidential candidates have chosen to throw Obama’s name under the bus yet again. They have pledged that they aren’t going to form any kind of separate political arm from the DNC, which is of the utmost importance.

They have no plans to organize or use message infrastructure that is duplicative to what the DNC already offers. The candidates have actually signed a pledge, binding candidates to also publicly call on supporters not to launch outside groups.

This is something that everyone is taking very seriously because they want to make sure that the DNC is not neglected during the elections – something that Obama seemed to have absolutely no problem with.

This move is going to strengthen the DNC considerably – especially because so many Democrats chose to neglect the party during the Barack Obama years. This was Obama’s way of proving that he had the ability to draw Democrats away from one of the largest political parties – and today’s Democrats are having nothing to do with it.

Eight years ago, they would have likely clapped – but since he’s not in office anymore, they have chosen to turn their backs on him yet again.

With everyone disavowing Obama and his political group, there is a significant focus on what Bernie Sanders has done. “Our Revolution: is a grassroots organization that Sanders created. If he were to win the general election, this organization would violate the agreement.

The major problem with Obama’s political group is that it took a significant amount of power away from the DNC. It competed for donors. Plus, many state party chairs loathed the move, though that’s not something that anyone would have admitted while Obama was in office because he was considered the golden boy of the Democratic Party. However, the truth is starting to come out now that people are looking to protect the Democratic Party from such problems in the future.

As the Executive Director of Louisiana Democratic Party, Stephen Handwerk says, there is a political tool in the state parties and a president should be able to use them. This is in regards to the DNC being in the states as opposed to creating a separate organization as a workaround.

The pledge has been signed by 21 contenders, including Biden, Warren, Harris, Sanders, and Buttigieg. At this point, there are no Democratic contenders who have failed to sign it. The pledge ensures that they will use their state parties for organizing and messaging if they become the nominee of the party.

Further, it ensures that the nominee will share the data collected during their campaign with the DNC as well as state parties. This may be the full reason why Obama created his own organization – to avoid having to share data.

This raises a number of eyebrows, questioning what the golden boy was really up to. Yet again, his name is dragged through the mud as people wonder what he was trying to hide.

The only one of the 21 who have struggled with the signature was Sanders due to Our Revolution. Sanders has always identified himself as an independent when sitting in the Senate, even though he caucuses with the Democrats. He describes himself as a democratic socialist, which means that he wasn’t too keen on signing the pledge.

It’s interesting that this is all coming about now – something that has never taken place in the past. Parties have never signed a pledge to avoid going against the DNC – though the need is there since Obama took things to such a drastic level during his first presidential campaign.

No one wants to see the DNC lose its power any further, which is why everyone is willing to take another swing at the Obama legacy and protected the DNC as well as all of the state parties.