Pow: McConnell vs Pelosi – The Gloves Are Off!

The verbiage, sarcasm, and absolute animosity between the two contestants were palatable, at times entertaining, and now, it just became personal as one story reported. She growled, then pushed. He gritted his teeth, and pushed back – and then he said it, “I’m not going to allow this to be an opportunity for the Democrats… .”

These were the words of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and the truth is, the word “Democrats” could have just as easily been the name of House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. And whatever followed that ellipsis wouldn’t have mattered either.

In this case, as our aforementioned story reported, what followed was McConnell saying, “…to achieve unrelated policy items that they would not otherwise be able to pass.” Of course, he was talking about Pelosi’s efforts to push her agenda through by wrapping with the stimulus package that is being used to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the always politically correct McConnell said it in political speak, our story broke it down in plain talk. They accurately described McConnell’s response stating that “any talk about another stimulus isn’t going to happen. She may draft a bill, but it’ll meet a swift death in the Republican-controlled Senate.”

Our story also went on to describe the Senate Majority Leader as “…the legislative grim reaper for most of what the Democratic House sends his way.” Yeah, for Pelosi and her crew trying to take advantage of these dire circumstances for personal and party goals, that is grim news indeed.

The McConnell – Pelosi feud isn’t a new one either. It isn’t as old as the Montague and Capulet rivalry, but in the political realm, it is Goliath vs Goliath, leader vs. leader, party vs. party. When these two party leaders square off, it always feels like each party attempting to flex, like two parties sending their best warriors into the arena of combat.

Unfortunately, in this case, there is no time for bravado and this isn’t a game of politics – this pandemic is a matter of life and death. It is a matter of keeping our great country viable and healthy and keeping us safe. But Pelosi missed that memo, or more likely ignored it, and Mitch McConnell wasn’t going to let that slide.

So now the stage is set and we may want to mark our calendars and circle the date, April 20, because there may be more than a few fireworks and gunshots fired. As our story shared, in addition to these agenda-laden measures written into the stimulus plan, Pelosi is also working on another tax break act for the country’s wealthiest. Another agenda-driven action that is also hidden in the next stage of the stimulus plan.

So why April 20? Well, there isn’t any business happening in Washington right now, you remember that coronavirus thing, right? No, Sheriff Mitch McConnell isn’t going to let this go unanswered, but there won’t be anyone around to attack the bank for a few weeks yet. Then, it will get interesting.

All the bickering, power plays, and party versus party fighting between McConnell and Pelosi aren’t new, but the stakes have never been higher, and the gloves are off. Our story put it this way, “Democrats are using the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak to get items on their goodie bag list passed. That won’t happen with Mitch around. ”

That sounds serious, doesn’t it? In fact, it sounds like an unavoidable confrontation and with no love lost between either side. While this story unfolds, it also sheds light on a glaring weakness in our government, as even in the face of death the two sides struggle to find a common working ground.

The gloves are off, the date is set, and it could be a battle of the titans – but is anyone really paying any attention? We have a real enemy, common to all of us right now, and that should be enough common ground for all of us to get on the same page.

There is a fight brewing, but what if one of the contestants was too ill to show up? Yes, there is a fight brewing, but the enemy is bigger than both of them.