Roger Stone Defended God, MAGA, and Donald Trump

Roger Stone, a good friend of President Donald Trump, is in the crosshairs of a jury, which is like Congress, criminal.  We all know the saying, “Innocent until proven guilty,” but in today’s courtrooms and impeachment sessions with Congress, it is “Guilty until proven innocent.”  Even if proven innocent, they still try to dig up information which is not there to silence all those who are against the Democrats.  The only defense Roger Stone has is God, the MAGA nation, and if all else fails, Donald Trump to pardon him for something many claims he is innocent.  Stone is letting other people do the talking as he and his family are relying on a higher power, which is more powerful than any court on earth.

Every step of the way, Democrats have worked to silence the president and his supporters.  Let’s face it, they cannot control him or his administration.  Now with every turn of the corner, we see the Democrats expose their socialist agenda while showing their true colors.  Stone, who is known as the “political provocateur,” sparred with all who were willing for a verbal battle.  Now, he is silent.

Stone was allowed to take the stand and given his accounts.  He declined.  There were many holes within the government’s case, and his lawyers worked to expose them.  The defense had used what was already said in the congressional testimony on Stone’s behalf, which is all that is really needed.  But does it do any good if the jury is biased?  That is where Divine Intervention comes into play.  For anyone of the seven counts against Stone, he faces jail time.  Ten days before Stone’s trial, at a Sunday mass, Stone’s wife, Nydia Stone, posted on Instagram, “Please pray for us” with “prayer emoji, the hashtags #trump, and #maga and a tag for the president’s Twitter handle.”

Stone’s wife and daughter were sitting in the seats before the opening arguments took place, holding open a leather-bound Bible to the pages of the Book of Psalms.  Outside the courthouse, there was a chant taking place saying Stone was “innocent,” and a pro-Trump song, “I’m on the Trump train. We did it in ’16. Gonna do it again.”

Randy Short, who is a Washington, D.C. activist, claims he is Stone’s spiritual advisor.  Short sat down for an interview and had this to say, “I don’t think Steve Bannon is someone that would worry them.  Their biggest fear from my sense is that there’s so many [jurors] who have intelligence community or government ties or ties to the former administration or lawyers. Where are the blue-collar people on that? Really? I’m a Washingtonian. This city is still half black. If you look at the jury, there are four blacks. There are two others and 10 white folks. Interestingly, not one black man is on there.  If you looked at the jury pool, it looked like Green Bay, not like Washington, D.C., I mean really.”

Stone’s daughter, Adria, wrote on Twitter before the opening arguments began, “Look at our jury pool for Roger with eyes wide open! Spouses that work at DOJ, 10 yr position w congress, journalists, attorneys, admitting they have negative feelings about RJS & DT-all allowed! #realDonaldTrump #AGBarr.”

The head of the defense attorney for Stone, Bruce Rogow, told the jury, “If you hesitate about your conclusions in this matter, then you have a reasonable doubt.  My job is to create for you the reasons why you should have a reasonable doubt.”

Stone’s closest friends are not optimistic about the trap set for him.  Longtime friend, Michael Caputo, had this to say, “In a courtroom where 90-plus percent are found guilty, it’s a problem.  I’m praying every day, and everybody I know is praying every day.  When court starts and is in session, we have people in there praying. There’s going to need to be celestial intervention for him. It can happen.”

With every crime, there has to be a motive.  Stone’s attorney reminded the jury Stone spoke publicly to the House panel, and he showed up without ever being subpoenaed.

To show the hatred toward Stone, Alex Jones, the founder of InfoWars, said this, “We’ve got to have Obama’s former communications director hang Roger. Hell, if they give him the death penalty, maybe she can hang him and kick the lever, and he’ll break his neck, and she can piss all over his dead body.”  There is no justice in Democrats, only RATS!