Sarah Sanders Explains Why Joe Biden Is Just Settled for by Democrats

Sarah Sanders joined “Fox & Friends” for an interview as she broke down everything when it comes to former Vice President Joe Biden.  The Democrats have definitely shot themselves in the foot when it comes to how they put their priorities in order.  Throughout Trump’s presidency, they have built the worst reputation for themselves, and their search for the Democratic candidate may be the nail that seals the coffin.

As we all know, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are the top two candidates in the Democratic primary.  This is the best they could come up with, and they are screwed!  Bernie Sanders is too much on the communist side of the Democratic party, and Joe Biden is too far on the liberal side to match up to their liking.

Bernie continues to scream out socialist ideas and appears to want to steer the country into communism.  Democrats wish to do this eventually, but they are scared of Bernie because he is too straight forward with his ideas.  It exposes what the Democrats indeed are.

Biden has made a complete fool of himself by being the butt end of a joke with his speeches and how he forgets everything.  Sarah explained how those who have followed Biden in the hierarchy of the Democratic party “knows he has been a terrible candidate.”

Sarah explained to the show’s hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy, “Anybody who has been listening to his policy positions knows he is extremely liberal and would make an even more dangerous and terrible president.  Let’s not forget that he has moved so far to the left; Joe Biden is no moderate.”

Many experts on the primaries are leaning toward and predicting Joe Biden will be their candidate to go up against President Trump in the 2020 Presidential race.  On “Super Tuesday II,” Biden remained the front runner with 823 delegates comparing to Sanders’ 663.  Bernie is drowning fast in his campaign.

In Philadelphia, Biden told a crowd of his supporters after all the votes were tallied up Tuesday night, “I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their tireless energy and their passion. We share a common goal, and together we’ll defeat Donald Trump. We’ll defeat him together.

Sarah Sanders said to “Fox & Friends” Joe Biden is not their favorite person of choice, but he’s all they have left.  Lately, Biden would almost need to be put on a leash and a shock collar as he shows he does not have the temperament or memory of a leader.

Sarah noted, “Donald Trump has had constant levels of enthusiasm and last night, while Joe Biden was still fighting it out with Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump was putting up historic wins for an incumbent in Michigan, in Missouri, in Mississippi, and that was before all of the votes even came in.”

There should be nothing to worry about with either candidate facing Trump.  It is, however, hysterical that this is all they have to offer for their party and the country.

Biden cannot remember where he is, and he has verbally insulted and yelled at his voters.  Several times, he was caught in his own lies on many different issues a President must face daily.

The Biden campaign has also limited Biden on his speeches at his rallies as he has a hard time reading off of the transcripts.  Just think of how bad he would be as President if he cannot even do that.

Sarah concluded in the interview what all of America has seen so far with the Democrat’s front runner’s campaign.   She said, “We can either continue down the path of prosperity and security under this President, or we can go backward, and we can go back to the ideas of the past, of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party that moved so far to the left that they do not identify and line up with most of America.  And I think we saw that play out in real-time when he yelled at that guy in a hard hat yesterday.”

Sarah Sanders has always been honest and straight forward with the American people when she was the White House Press Secretary.  She continues to deliver her messages in a way that is blunt and to the point.

Sarah is right on cue when it comes to Biden and the Democratic party.  All that remains is for the rest of America to see it.