Six NYC Guardian Angels Took on 300 Black-Clad Weapon Wielding Protesters and Won…Prepare to be Amazed

Isn’t it ironic how the very ingrates who were just recently flashing peace signs and advocating love as the only solution for saving humankind, are now burning buildings, smashing windows, and defying law enforcement with unprecedented violence? Do as I say. Not as I do. This is not how any of this is supposed to work.

Famed historian and political philosopher, Murray Bookchin, got things right when he said, “I will never surrender the rights of the individual – the complete rights of the individual – to any “ism” whatever.”

While these protestors, who know very little about why they are even doing what they’re doing, are accusing America’s revered president of the F word (fascism), their pathetic ill-informed thoughts could not be more incorrect. But what would one expect from any fool who is willing to hop straight into a raging inferno, risking their very life, simply for the sake of being one of the cool kids?

NYCs awesome and well-known Guardian Angels have been keeping eyes on their hometowns streets and alleyways since 1979 when the group of heroes formed to combat the cities out-of-control rapidly escalating crime rate. It could be argued how taking the law into your own hands is never a good idea, but the residents of NYC, including the blue-uniformed NYPD, stayed out of the groups’ way as they began sweeping the sidewalks and taking out the trash, literally. Rather than condemn the group, they praised them. And they still do, over 40 years later.

The founder of the Guardian Angels, 66-year-old Curtis Sliwa, who still leads the group, said what is now happening in NYC is the most chaotic and confronting scene he has ever witnessed. And the man has witnessed some horrific things.

“Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we have mostly been in Chinatown to stop any hate crimes against Asians, but on Tuesday night, we were in SoHo working our way down Broadway when we heard about looters trying to get into a Footlocker, and we immediately ran to that location.”

The six-man team of Angels forced the thugs to drop their loot, but as they ran off they vowed to return. This happened around 8:00 PM. A short two hours later the looters returned as promised. Only this time their numbers had grown to around 100, all of them dressed in black, and all of them wearing backpacks containing what could have been anything.

Further explaining the circumstances they had been placed in, Silwa said, “They tried to get in, but we were going to let them. I got hit. But we don’t back down, and we don’t surrender or retreat. We don’t have guns or weapons, but we all have martial arts training, and we do get physical if we have too.”

By 10:45 the group had grown in numbers to around 300, with the biggest majority of them sporting anything from claw hammers and crowbars, to machetes and baseball bats. Whether they were planning on using their crude weapons for defense or for an attack, by this point, was anyone’s guess, but Silwa and crew soon found out.

“They started swinging at us, but we were not going to let them get inside; we were slamming and jamming quite a few of them. They were throwing glass bottles filled with liquids, as well as bricks and rocks. It was quite the battle.”

This brave group of men who never back down or surrender, held the violent group back until NYPD reinforcements were able to arrive on the scene. Six against 300. It sounds like a scene from a super-hero movie. but it wasn’t.

The incident has proven one thing to everyone who’s paying attention; real-life heroes actually do exist. “We train for these kinds of things; we won’t fold. We are defiant. We want to make a difference in these neighborhoods,” said Silwa in a humbling voice.

The Guardian Angels don’t desire fame or fanfare in the least, though they cannot help but to receive healthy doses of it from those they lay their lives on the line to protect. NYPD has zero qualms with the group lending a hand.

The Angels can go places they sometimes cannot, and because of their foot presence, they often spot crimes while they are going down before they have even been called into the police station.

The Guardian Angels are true American patriots who do what they do, not for the money, seeing as how they don’t get paid for what they do, but for the love of their country, and the city they call home. Three cheers.