Snowflake Protesters Whine That the Police ‘Are Blatantly Snubbing Us’

The Democratic world revolves around hypocrisy and censored living. A Democrat has no problem telling someone to do one and they go and do the exact opposite. The duplicity lived out for everyone to see from the Democratic Party is sickening at best.

There is no balance or desire to do what is right for the sake of the people. The liberals of America are slowly trying to undermine the United States of America to the point of collapse.

The New York Police Department has had the worst time trying to work under the conditions of liberal leadership. The work that they are asked to do is to serve and protect the people that are trying to sabotage their work and put them in harm’s way.

The Democrats in New York hate the police so much that they now want to try and defund them to do away with them. But that is not the worst of what they have to endure.

Even with all of the hatred and malice thrown their way, they continue to show up and do the job they volunteered to do. The latest attack on the police of New York centers around a medical mask.

These men and women come to a riot in full gear with the intent to guarantee a peaceful demonstration only to have the liberals accuse them of not wearing masks. The violent liberals claim that their health is in jeopardy simply because the police did not wear a mask. Do not forget that none of the protesting liberals are wearing a mask either.

The constant badgering of the police by the media is overwhelming. They are now blaming the police for new COVID-19 cases. Members of the media have taken to the streets to find any person willing to lie about their story. In one case, Ibrahima Mbaye stated that he was arrested and detained by police and put in places where they were close together.

Mbaye was arrested for being violent at a protest. If he did not like being so close to other people, then he should not have broken the law by demonstrating violently. Not to mention that he did not have a mask on while protesting and he certainly did not care about being close to people until he was arrested.

But the media will not show that side of the picture. Because they no longer care about the truth. All they care about is getting good ratings from their stories. Mbaye made another false statement when he said “There were people who had pretty explicitly said that they were positive for coronavirus and then none of them listened to us. They could hear us, we knew they could hear us. They would laugh at us, scoff at us.” No one in those cells had COVID-19 or they would have not been in with other people.

Another sick liar stated that “If police officers, who are infected with the virus, are shouting and yelling within 6 feet of other people, they are emanating a lot of particles out of their mouth because they are speaking very forcefully.”

If Amesh Adalja did not like having particles past their way, then stay home or at least wear a mask to keep the particles from entering the mouth area.

The Democrats and liberals of America hold one group to one standard but not for themselves. But Sgt. Jessica McRorie stated the truth when she said “Perhaps it was the heat. Perhaps it was the 15-hour tours, wearing bullet-resistant vests in the sun. Perhaps it was the helmets. With everything New York City has been through in the past two weeks and everything we are working toward together, we can put our energy to a better use.” None of the liberals needed to be out there looting and yelling for nothing.

These protestors act like a bunch of children demanding someone to listen to them. And it no one looks at them they feel like they are being snubbed.

One media recording tried to pass a police officer coughing as proof that they were infecting people on purpose, but that cop could have coughed for a million different reasons. The point is that the Democrats and liberals are spewing lies ahead of an election hoping to trick people into voting for them.