Supreme Court’s Religious Rights Case Could Have Huge Implications for Christian Schools

Religious Freedom is a fundamental right for every American. The right to worship, pray, read a bible and even talk with others about one’s beliefs is guaranteed by the Constitution of the country. Sadly, the destructive Democrats are working hard to remove those rights from people. They have removed God and religion from schools and public places with the hopes of keeping people from engaging in worship. But their efforts have only pushed people to fight back.

The United States Supreme Court has chosen to hear a religious rights case. Three mothers that put their kids in school at Stillwater Christian School are fighting a ruling that said that tax credit in Montana could not be used to help parents put their students in private school. They could not even use the credit for a religious-based school.

The current law in Montana provides a credit of $150 for donations that go towards scholarships for students attending private schools. The tax credit was kept in line with the state’s constitution. The state forbids any type of public aid to be used for any type of religious activity. The program was limited to non-religious schools. The states’ Supreme Court thought it would be a good idea to kill the scholarship program because it was being used for religious education. What the state is trying to say is that they will provide money for education as long as it does not count towards religious education.

One of the mothers has stated that “This is grossly unfair to any parents of kids who go to a religious school. It’s not fair to us to be excluded (from) funds available to the general public.” The way that the donation to the scholarship fund works is that the person donating the money would receive $150 tax credit. The crazy liberals saw this as funding a religious institution which is clearly not the case.

The people giving to the fund are simply donating to a non-profit scholarship group aimed at helping kids with the schooling. The way that the Supreme Court will rule will have repercussions for years to come. In a way, it will once and for all clarify what the original intent of separation of church and state really means.

It does not mean that states cannot allow religious institutions to be involved in state matters. It does mean that a state or ruling body cannot push one religion on people and forces them to convert to it. The law was set up to prevent the kind of religious governing plaguing Great Britain at the time.

President Trump is backing the three women in the case. He has been and always will be a strong supporter of the freedom of religion and religious education. The state of Montana has a no-aid provision that keeps it from giving aid to any religious institution. The president is hoping that this case will remove that part of the state’s law. The state’s law really is unconstitutional and should not be in force.

The law itself keeps public funds from being used for religious education. Yet the funds in questions are being paid by the very people that would like to see equal help in funding for their children to attend a school of their choice. The Democrats love the money but do not want to see it helping those that do not support their evil ways. The fairway would be to allow people to fund public education or to devote their portion of said funds to send their child to a private school.

One of the mothers in the case stated, “People will say that they’re afraid of religion being pushed down their throat but I don’t believe that’s an issue in this case. If funds are donated by private citizens to a private organization, just because they have a tax credit attached doesn’t make them public funds.” To deny taxpayer access to public funds that are rightfully theirs is just criminal in every sense of the word.