Ted Cruz Throws Schiff Under the Bus Over Witness Intimidation

The impeachment attempt on the president is the biggest con of the past decade. The devilish Democrats are making up stories and people trying to push an issue that does not even exist. And every time a person speaks out against the process Adam Schiff or one of his henchmen go after that other person.

There are some Republican sides of the House that are not letting them get away with the lies and the intimidations. Ted Cruz has recently gone after the godfather Adam Schiff over his remarks about the president.

Adam Schiff said that President Trump was intimidating the witnesses with his tweets. The entire story started when Marie Yovanovitch was testifying, and President Trump was tweeting responses about what was being said. Adam Schiff believes that this is intimidation. Schiff is so skeptical and suspicious about people that he threats where there is nothing to be seen.

Ted Cruz stated about Adam Schiff the following “This may be the single most ridiculous claim of the Dem show trial. No, the President’s tweeting is not ‘witness intimidation.’ You may not like the tone of some or even many of his tweets, but it’s absurd to suggest that tweeting is an impeachable ‘high Crime [or] Misdemeanor.'”

If what Adam Schiff said is true of the president, then it certainly applies to all the other stupid Democrats tweeting hate comments about the country and other members of the government.

Schiff is the stupid person that believes that President Trump is an enemy of the country. When in reality Schiff is the demon-possessed person that is maliciously attacking another member of the government simply because he holds the most powerful office in the world. And this is something that Schiff would like to have for himself.

Adam Schiff stated that he took the tweet “very, very seriously. We saw today witness intimidation in real-time by the president of the United States, an effort to chill her and others that come forward.” If anything, the president wants the truth to come out, because he knows that the  Democrats are going to have a hard time covering up their illegal activity when their people start being investigated for fraud and coverups of their own.

The president wrote about the lying Yovanovitch that “Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad. She started in Somalia, how did that go? Then fast-forward to Ukraine, where the new Ukrainian President spoke unfavorably about her in my second phone call with him. It is a U.S. President’s absolute right to appoint ambassadors.”

This crazy woman is just mad at the president because he moved her from being an ambassador because she sucks at her job. This is no different from a disgruntled employee speaking badly about her former boss. She sucked at her job, and she was moved around and out of the arena because of it.

If that was not enough, then, after all, she was appointed by outrageous Obama as an ambassador, and she hates Trump because a fellow Democrat did not replace him. An honest and caring Republican took the seat because the people of the country are tired of being lied to.

The Democrats know all about intimidating people and what they need to do to others to silence them from ever telling the truth. Epstein was a man that knew too much, and he ended up dead in a protected cell. There still is a lot of suspicions that surround his death. Or even the treats of death to an eight-year girl that made funny videos of the AOC. She was threatened by Democratic supporters to stop making them or her family would die.

For Adam Schiff to accuse the president of such actions is self-righteous and arrogant. Adam Schiff and his henchmen certainly have threatened and bullied others to get what they wanted out of them. The president knows how to play their games. He is the master at keeping the guessing and helping them find their stupidity.