The List from Seattle’s Autonomous Zone Goes Full Crazy – Cigarettes, Body Lotion and More!

Autonomous has a very different definition than what is being practiced in Seattle. According to CHAZ, they are operating as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone after kicking police out and taking care of the city. However, autonomy means having the freedom to govern itself. Clearly, they don’t have the means to govern themselves based on their latest list of demands.

First, they issued a list of things that they would like to see donated to them. While some things seemed reasonable enough, such as clothes and portable chargers, the rest of the list seemed to get out of hand. Their demand also included ice (the good kind) as well as cigarettes and lighters. They also want body lotion? TracFone minutes cards?

What is going on here? They want to defend the city but they also want donations. And we’re also supposed to support their nicotine habit? They want crushed ice? What kinds of protesters are they?

Clearly, they aren’t the autonomous kind because they would know that they are supposed to be self-governing themselves and not requiring handouts from the public.

Here is where the list really gets crazy. One protester demanded that every white demonstrator hand over $10 to their black counterparts. The unnamed protester said that if people are struggling with that, “I’m not sure you are in the right place.”

What is the $10 for? Are the African Americans broke? Are the African Americans part of the autonomous zone? There is no specification as to why $10 should be given to anyone, and why the white people who are part of the movement and who are part of being heard are being singled out to pay this amount.

As for how long this is going to continue in Seattle, it’s unknown. Considering the list of supplies needed at the border where the autonomous zone has set up now includes folding chairs and tents, they clearly haven’t thought everything through. Why didn’t they bring their own tents and chairs when they decided that they were going to take over the city?

There is also a number of questions being asked in terms of their overall intentions. Zip ties are on the list of supplies being requested. Why zip ties? Are they planning on taking prisoners? They are supposed to be against imprisonment – one of their other demands is that all currently imprisoned people get another trial conducted by a community of their peers.

A number of questions need to be asked, including how long the autonomous zone plans to be in place. It has become crystal clear that they are not as autonomous as they think they are based on their demands. If they aren’t able to get all of the supplies that they need, there is no way that they will be able to maintain the city for as long as they intend.

With the police banned from their precincts, it was originally designed for the autonomous zone to be in place “for at least five days” so that people could demonstrate and so that hundreds of people could hear speeches.

Is this the fate of Seattle? How many people are really going to be dropping off supplies to this autonomous zone? And, exactly what’s going to happen if those running the autonomous zone don’t get their crushed ice and their Gatorade electrolyte powder?

It’s only a matter of time before they start to get angry about not getting what they want. Oh, and someone should probably tell them that they’re hardly autonomous when they’re currently depending on the city for water, electricity, and internet.

If they don’t hand the city back over to the government soon, it’s only a matter of time before those simple utilities are pulled from them. Then, we’ll really get a chance to see how autonomous they think they can be when they aren’t leaning on the city for nearly all of what they need to stay in place.