There’s Left And Too Far Left According To Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary

There’s the left and, then, there’s the far left. Unfortunately, too many Dems seem to be sliding to the far left, taking the country to a place that no one really wants to go. It’s almost as if they’re playing a game of “Who can be the biggest extremist” as a way to separate themselves from Trump. It’s not a winning plan, though.

Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, has been cautioning Democrats about moving too far left, especially on immigration issues. It is what could ultimately cost him the 2020 election, especially as some are talking about open borders.

Johnson talked openly on Morning Joe, an MSNBS program. He explained that Americans want to be treated in a fair and humane way – and they want the same for those who are migrating and fleeing bad conditions. Although there is the idea of taking care of dreamers, Americans also want secure borders. Illegal migration needs to be controlled – which means that that it’s not as simple as opening borders and closing down camps.

Johnson continued to explain that de-prioritizing deportation and decriminalizing illegal immigration is a problem. Democrats are moving too far left to where the American consensus lies. It’s not simply okay to have border patrol agents arrest someone and say that they get to stay unless a crime is committed. Crime is already committed as soon as they cross the border illegally. Obama, who received a reputation for the number of deportations taken care of on his watch, was still following the law – and that something that the far left needs to remember.

The former Homeland security Sec. identifies himself as a loyal Democrat. While he would like to see his party when the next election, he feels that is going to be impossible if the Democratic presidential candidates continue to take such a far-left approach to immigration.

There have been plenty of presidential candidates, including Warren and Sanders, who would love nothing more than to decriminalize illegal entry. Warren, particularly, has questioned what is so illegal about what illegal immigrants are doing. Clearly, she doesn’t understand that “illegal” is in the term. Just by crossing the country illegally, they have broken the law. Decriminalizing illegal entry is going to lead to opening the floodgates. If people are allowed to enter the country using any method necessary, it will completely eliminate border security – and lead to a variety of other problems.

By decriminalizing illegal immigration, it could lead to a significant upswing in population. This can also lead to more expenses in welfare, health care, education, and more – with the United States already in a deficit, it is not an expense that the country can afford. Further, it leads to a significant amount of violence – and police departments don’t have the manpower to deal with the potential for a significant amount of criminals entering the streets.

Julian Castro, one of the Democratic presidential candidates, has raised his hand on multiple occasions to say that he wants to see policy change. He wants to decriminalize illegal entry and decriminalizing illegal re-entry. This means that once a person has entered and come back, is punishable by at least two years in prison as the law stands right now. Castro would like to eliminate that entirely, making it easy for people to come and go as they please. Johnson has already criticized the idea, comparing it to having open borders.

Without having any control on who comes and goes, there’s no way to truly know who is in the country. They won’t have Social Security numbers, they won’t have visas, it would be a free for all that would require billions if not trillions of dollars to deal with – and it’s something that the Dems haven’t really thought about because they’re known to not be as fiscally responsible as the Republicans.

If the Dems won’t listen to the Republicans about why open borders is a problem, maybe they’ll listen to another Dem. When Jeh Johnson from the Obama administration is saying it’s a problem, they have to be ready to listen.

Americans want to know that their borders are secure. This is an issue regardless of whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat. Very few people want to see open borders – which is why the Democratic candidates need to stop being so ridiculous. They need to listen to what the American people want. There’s a balance that can be struck to ensure that migrants are getting away from their violent, war-torn home countries and letting them in without any kind of border stop.