This is Who the Free Borders Pro-Illegal Immigration Supporters Really Are

Most of us can see the President’s Immigration Reform policies starting to work and improving every day. At a recent conference, however, we also may have had a peek at the opposition to the President’s immigration policy and a better understanding of who ‘they’ are. We can’t judge an entire party from one or two rogue candidates (the Democrats should rejoice over that). Nor can we judge any particular candidate over a few fanatics.

Show me any candidate with more than a thousand followers and we can find five to ten crazies in the bunch. Give us any candidate with tens of thousands and more, well then we might be able to open a facility. The point is this, a small segment doesn’t necessarily speak for the whole but when that segment isn’t so small?

This isn’t a story about a candidate per se or a particular party, but it is a story about one heated issue and its supporters. And as one story reports, maybe some more insight into who those people really might be. According to our story, the reported event was at Georgetown University where Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan attempted to give a speech.

In an apparently ridiculous display of protest, this small group of pro-illegal immigration advocates was able to halt everything. Yes, everything. It ended with McAleenan walking off the stage. As our story informed us, “the protesters continually interrupted McAleenan…,” and his speech was never given.

The chant that halted the event was a chorus of “when immigrants are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back! When immigrants are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!” and “When children are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!”

To appreciate this it may help to step back and think about the last time you have heard a heckler or protest group at a rally or a speech. Goodness knows, we have witnessed enough of those situations during the President’s first campaign. Along with speeches held by those like Hillary, Bernie, Mit, and how many others? It never amounts to much though does it? Usually, nothing more than a temporary disruption and sometimes security may need to remove someone.

Not this time, this protest group was evidently loud enough and boisterous enough to force the speaker off stage. That isn’t free speech. That isn’t making your voice heard in fact, this is damn-near close to bullying. Take one more step back and it starts to make even more sense.

There are a great many Americans, those born here and those who have become so legally, that don’t understand the immigration issue. Such as – why is there an issue to begin with? Many of us don’t understand why there is any backlash whatsoever. If you aren’t here legally, you must leave – simple. If you want to become an American citizen, we welcome you and please just enter through the proper channels – easy, right?

Who are these people who are fighting a proper and orderly immigration system? Are they Americans? If so, then why? Are they visitors and illegals, okay – that might make more sense. Do they have a particular investment and something to gain from having illegals in-country… hmm? We can’t judge an entire barrel of apples based on one bad apple, fair enough. What we can do, however, is realize when there is more than one bad apple in the barrel and when that barrel is trying to tip over. Then what do we do?

The President has made some firm decisions about what to do and outbursts and disorder like what we heard about at Georgetown only strengthens his case. Those staging this discussion-meeting said, “by drowning out the Secretary’s remarks, the protesters deprived immigration attorneys, service providers, journalists, advocates, business leaders, law students, and many others in the public who were in the audience from hearing his point of view and engaging in a meaningful dialogue,”

They also did much more than that and the importance of immigration reform has never been heard more clearly or loudly.