Trump And Clinton Given Varying Counterintelligence Briefings By FBI

The FBI hasn’t been playing fair when it comes to Donald Trump since the very beginning. It seems that new information has come in to show that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were given very different counterintelligence briefings back in 2016.

No one should feel sorry for the rough go that the FBI has had. They are to blame for everything that they have done, especially with the former director, James Comey, leaking details of meetings to a friend with specific instructions to send them over to the New York Times. This would help to launch a special counsel probe, which worked. It also caused the Inspector General of the Department of Justice to break him over the coals.

Peter Strzok was an FBI counterintelligence agent responsible for signing off on the Trump-Russia initial investigation regarding collusion in July 2016. Along with Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer he was having an extramarital affair with, exchanged tens of thousands of texts that were anti-Trump. FBI’s integrity and impartiality took a significant hit one responsible for the Russian collusion investigation as well as the email server belonging to Hillary Clinton.

Strzok and Page were worried that the FBI was being too hard on Hillary Clinton, so the insurance policy was put into place. This “insurance policy” was the Trump dossier created by Christopher Steele, which has now been thoroughly debunked. Steele was hired by the Clinton campaign to dig up as much dirt as possible on Trump. It also was used to secure FISA spy warrants on Carter Page, the former Trump campaign advisor.

All of this was going on throughout 2016, complete with a significant amount of bias from the FBI.

Now, a lot of questions are being asked about what kind of counterintelligence briefings were actually given by the Bureau. Everything given to Trump as a Republican nominee was being used more as an information-gathering rendezvous than anything else. They gave Hillary Clinton a briefing as well, but they were likely assuming that she was going to be president.

Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson, two Senators, now want to get details on what those briefings were and just how different the stories were. They have provided an official request to the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, giving a deadline of October 30 two turnover documents as they relate to these briefings to be able to make the necessary comparisons.

The request for the counterintelligence briefings reference the upcoming 2020 presidential election as well as how the FBI plans to provide briefings to candidates as well as senior campaign officials.

The letter from the Senators also references that the Department of Homeland Security identifies that for a vital national interest, there must be a secure and resilient electoral process. As such, all candidates for office need to be treated fairly and need to be “fully and equally prepared” to address potential security and counterintelligence concerns.

This is why there is a need for the briefings to be nearly identical to avoid inconsistencies. Each senator involved in the letter, including Grassley, Johnson, and Richard Shelby are chairman of specific committees in the Senate.

There is still a significant amount of concern that the nation’s most prominent investigative body, the FBI, has been involved in such deep state antics. There have been a number of individuals fired because of taking a political bias throughout investigations.

The Senators are hopeful that they can receive the information as requested without having to get aggressive or call anyone in contempt of Congress. If Wray provides the documentation, it will allow the Senators and their respective committees to read over the counterintelligence briefings to find out just how much information Trump was given in comparison to Clinton so that this can be addressed.

Further, it will ensure that better practices are put forward during counterintelligence briefings given to current candidates involved in the election as well as potential VP candidates when they are identified.

The FBI has not been playing by the rules for a while. The good news is that Republican Senators are well aware of this and are making the necessary requests in order to prevent this from happening during another election.

A lot happened during the 2016 election that many people were not privy to, especially because no one expected Trump to come out as the winner. Now that he has been in office for a while, he has been able to shed light on some of the bias that was happening behind closed doors and throughout various investigations.