Trump Seeks Justice: It’s Time Russia Hoax ‘Perpetrators’ Defend Their ‘TREASONOUS’ Acts!

Trump Seeks Justice: It’s Time Russia Hoax ‘Perpetrators’ Defend Their ‘TREASONOUS’ Acts!
Trump Seeks Justice: It’s Time Russia Hoax ‘Perpetrators’ Defend Their ‘TREASONOUS’ Acts!

The President is about to unleash his fury and it’s leaving Democrats shaking in their boots!
President Trump took to Twitter on Saturday, ripping into the Deep State perpetrators calling their acts “treasonous,” saying the past 2 years has been nothing but a fraudulent witch hunt.
Trump Tweeted:

“Why should I be defending a fraudulent Russian Witch Hunt. It’s about time the perpetrators of this fraud on me and the American People start defending their dishonest and treasonous acts. How and why did this terrible event begin? Never Forget!”

He also called out “Crooked Hillary” and the DNC, saying they were the ones who paid for the phony Russia dossier used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.
Here’s another tweet from President Trump:

According to news reports, here’s a timeline of the fraudulent Russian witch hunt and how it started:

  • Barack Obama and his crooked law enforcement agencies run by Comey, Clapper and Brennan all conspired to prevent Donald Trump from defeating Queen Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.
  • Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid former British spy Christopher Steele millions of dollars to compile a phony 35-page dossier from Russian intel sources to smear Donald Trump.
  • Brennan, Clapper and Comey all promoted the fake dossier with help from the sycophants in the media.
  • The incredibly corrupt FBI Director James Comey allowed the bureau to use Hillary’s phony dossier to obtain a FISA warrant and three subsequent renewals — Comey personally signed three FISA applications even though he admitted the dossier, which formed an essential part of obtaining the spy warrants, was unverified.
  • The coup plotters went into overdrive after Donald Trump won the 2016 election and launched an all out assault on Trump with a $30 million special counsel witch hunt.
  • Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel by DAG Rod Rosenstein after President Trump fired James Comey as FBI Director — Mueller packed his ‘dream team’ with over a dozen Obama-Hillary donors desperate to remove Trump from office.
  • It was also reported that DAG Rosenstein plotted to wear a wire and record President Trump in order to build a case to remove Trump from office via the 25th Amendment.
  • After a 2-year inquisition and multiple CI investigations where many lives and reputations were destroyed, Mueller concluded there was no Russian collusion.
  • President Trump’s tweet continued:

    President Trump has every right to be pissed. He’s on a warpath and it’s not going to be pretty. But most importantly, he’s on a mission to ensure this never happens again to another president.
    Should the perpetrators of the fraudulent Russian witch hunt be prosecuted?
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