Warren Can’t Figure Out How To Pay For Medicare For All Promise

Elizabeth Warren has built her entire political campaign on “I have a plan for that.” She seems to have a plan for everything…except for how to pay for Medicare of All. This is an idea that she stole from Bernie Sanders months ago. However, at least Bernie was willing to admit that he planned on raising taxes in order to pay for it.

When pressed about the cost of her version, she dodges the question. She doesn’t want to tell people that she’s going to raise taxes because she knows that it will hurt her chances for election. No one wants to have their taxes raised, especially if they don’t even want Medicare.

Democrats are notorious for tossing out grand ideas about what they could do for the country without thinking about how they’re going to pay for it. Trillion is the new billion for many Dems who are on the 2020 primary ballot. They want to spend trillions of dollars to fix something that isn’t broken without taking the time to figure out where those trillions of dollars are going to come from.

Warren is leading the pack of Dems for nonsense spending – especially as it pertains to her Medicare for All campaign promise.

She could tax the wealthy, but that won’t cover everything. She could reduce some of the health care benefits, but that goes against what she’s trying to provide. Then, there’s always the possibility of raising payroll taxes, but saying that out loud would be political suicide.

Warren makes a savvy side-step when asked about it. She doesn’t think it makes sense to fixate on costs with questions about the plan. That’s convenient since it’s one of the most commonly asked questions – and it is a big one since there’s no sense getting excited about her plan if she has no way to pay for it.

The wealthy are already looking to vote for anyone other than Elizabeth Warren since she has big plans to tax not only wealthy individuals but also corporations. The problem is that it’s not going to raise the kind of money that she would need to be able to provide Medicare for All….instead, it would end up being Medicare for some.

Of course, there’s another option to pay for Medicare for All, too – and that’s to slash some of the military funds. A liberal think tank known as The Institute for Policy Studies has talked about taking away $300 billion a year from the military budget to pay for universal health care. That alone is a scary concept as it would leave the country vulnerable to all sorts of problems – which isn’t a good idea when looking at uncertainties in Syria, Korea, Ukraine, and elsewhere.

Warren doesn’t want to talk about any of the possibilities. The problem with staying silent is that even Democratic strategists begin doing the talking. They look at the ways in which she could pay for this program – and none of the options they’re coming up with are optimal. There’s always the possibility of saving $345 billion through direct negotiations with drug companies and doctors.

Doctors, who have spent years in college, shouldn’t take a salary hit just because Warren has a plan. While there is room to be made within the pharmaceutical industry, it’s easier said than done – and who will be the one to do those negotiations? Warren won’t even accept money from any of the big companies, so it’s not likely that she’ll want to go this route.

Warren is going to lose a significant slot in the polls if she doesn’t start talking. She’s side-stepped the question long enough – and if she does it for much longer, people are going to realize that her “I have a plan for that” mantra is completely bogus. In order for her to say that she has a plan, she has to actually have a plan – and that includes figuring out how to pay for the plan.

The reality is that the Massachusetts Senator probably does have a plan for how her administration would be able to cover the costs for Medicare for All. However, it’s so hideous that she doesn’t want to say it out loud before she gets everyone’s votes for fear of losing to Sanders, Biden, or any of the other Dems who are just looking for the frontrunner to slip up and tell people about her high tax plan that leaves most Americans paying for a healthcare plan that they didn’t ask for and that they don’t want.