Well, Well; Hypocritical CNN is Suddenly a Big Fan of Walls

It’s always amusing at the hypocrisy that Democrats show. Trump is portrayed as a monster because he wants to build a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border to protect us from the mass immigration of people trying to enter the country illegally.

Yet, it’s suddenly okay for the Democrats to build walls to protect them from violence.

Those entering the country illegally are violent. They’re not looking to follow our immigration laws and enter so they can be documented. Many have committed violent acts, including murder. The immigrants are also destroying our economy because many are not capable of being financially independent.

Building a wall for such a case is not okay, according to CNN, ABC, and all of the other liberal news outlets.

But, we’re supposed to just sit back and keep our mouths shut when CNN decides they’re going to build a wall around their studio.

CNN’s home office has been subject to some of the riots following George Floyd’s death. Windows were broken and the building was sprayed with graffiti. This is hardly anything in comparison to what was happening at the country’s southern border, but they decided that they needed a bit more protection. Rather than adding a guard, they decided that a wall was the best option for protection.

Even the New York Post couldn’t help but point out the hypocrisy, with a note of “CNN has discovered a new appreciation for walls.”

Although CNN is probably still going to bad mouth Trump for his decision to build a wall, the CNN Center in Atlanta has built a wall consisting of metal fencing around their building. It was to ensure they didn’t get attacked any further since the protests were becoming increasingly more violent.

On May 29, protesters descended on the building. Rapper Killer Mike called out the network in a press conference, leading to even more violence.

CNN has been constantly trying to say that the protests have been peaceful. They’ve said that any looting of stores and throwing of Molotov cocktails were from “outside agitators.”

So, who is after the CNN building? Peaceful protesters or outside agitators?

They’re clearly unaware of how ridiculous their wall looks. The metal fencing isn’t really a deterrent if an angry mob really wants to get at the building. And, it was just last year that they told us how walls are bad.

They’re divisive. But, when it comes to protecting their own building, they’re suddenly okay. Hmmm, so they care more about their headquarters than the safety of the country as a whole? Cool. It’s always glad to know where a news outlet stands on important topics such as this.

In fairness, it’s not fair to only laugh at CNN for their hypocrisy. There have been plenty of other liberals of late to decide that they need a wall for their protection. The mayor of Portland is another one who decided a wall was needed to deal with the protests.

Meanwhile, the liberals are pointing the finger at the Trump administration for building a perimeter fence around the White House for its protection during these times of unrest. So, it’s okay if CNN and the city of Portland does it but it’s not okay if the White House does it? Sure, that makes sense.

It’s clear that they’re okay with walls. They’re just not okay if Trump suggests that a wall is built. As immigration and other problems continue long past Trump is in office, the ultimate level of hypocrisy will come when the liberals decide that they need to build a wall at the southern border. However, it won’t be that they’re following through on Trump’s suggestion. Somehow, they’ll have thought of that all on their own.

Until then, CNN will want to take a better look at the wall that they’ve created. It’s capable of keeping some back, but if there’s another call to riot at the building, that makeshift fence doesn’t stand a chance of providing any real protection.