WHAT?! Brazilian Wax Business SUED by Trans Activist for Refusal to Shave Her Balls

WHAT?! Brazilian Wax Business SUED by Trans Activist for Refusal to Shave Her Balls
WHAT?! Brazilian Wax Business SUED by Trans Activist for Refusal to Shave Her Balls

Have business owners lost the “right to refuse service?”

Jessica Yaniv is a transexual who is suing several business owners in British Columbia because they refuse to wax her genitals.

Yes folks. This is the world you’re currently living in.

The owner told The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal that she was not comfortable “waxing male genitals.”

According to reports, you can hear Jessica Yaniv compare the business owner to a neo-Nazi during the Human Rights Tribunal hearing.

How does refusal to wax someone’s genitals equate to being a neo-Nazi?!

Here’s what the National Post reported:

A B.C. Human Rights Tribunal hearing devolved into repeated outbursts and name-calling this week as it considered a transgender woman’s complaint that a home-based salon discriminated against her by denying her a Brazilian wax.

At one point, the complainant compared the business owner to a neo-Nazi. The lawyer for the business owner accused the complainant of engaging in “half-truths and fabrications.” Tribunal adjudicator Devyn Cousineau frequently had to interject to maintain decorum and to keep the hearing from careening off course.

But a substantive question remained at the core of the raucous day-long hearing: should a business be allowed to deny service on the basis of gender identity?…

…At Wednesday’s hearing, Yaniv, who is representing herself, said she came upon a Facebook ad in spring 2018 offering a promotion for a Brazilian wax, which involves the removal of pubic hair around the groin.

Da Silva testified she had just started her home-based business after previously performing waxes on family and friends. Yaniv was the first person to respond to her ad, she said.

They agreed over text message to an afternoon appointment. But Yaniv testified that after identifying herself as transgender and sending Da Silva a selfie, Da Silva canceled the session.

Da Silva told the tribunal, “I have no problem with LGBT.” She said she was just not comfortable waxing male genitals. The idea also did not sit well with her husband, she said. Further, she didn’t have any experience doing it.

This isn’t the first time business owners have been attacked and sued for refusing products or services to the LGBTQ community.

Remember Colorado baker Jack Phillips? He was absolved by a divided Supreme Court of discrimination for refusing to create a custom wedding for a same-sex couple. It was ruled that the state exhibited “religious hostility” against him.

Good for him!

Imagine being a business owner who’s gets sued for refusing to provide a product or service you don’t feel comfortable with.

The Brazilian wax owner, Ms. Da Silva, probably never imagined she would have to defend her actions in front of a Human Rights Tribunal for a service she doesn’t want to do.

Should business owners have the right to refuse service to anyone?

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