Biden Begs Amy ‘My Hair Doesn’t Move’ Klobuchar to Get Vetted

In a recent development in the ongoing search for Biden’s running mate, it appears one calendar model contestant has taken a decisive step toward the front of the pack.

The presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, who once likened his own experience as a contender for the VP bid to a calendar model competition, seems to be narrowing his search – again.

Can you imagine, a Joe Biden centerfold, yikes!

Thankfully, now it is Joe’s turn to pick a running mate, and as one story reported, “Former Vice President Joe Biden has asked Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar to undergo the vetting process as a potential vice-presidential pick.”

Yes, Amy my-hair-doesn’t-move Klobuchar, the quirky and often animated politician who was a contender, albeit a brief one, for the Democratic presidential bid. Second place may not be so bad after all, but if it is second fiddle on the losing team – does it matter?

Well, to Ms. Klobbuchar and apparently the other women who have been mentioned in the conversation, it does. Remember, these are Dems, they have grown rather accustomed to losing over the past few years. One of those women, Stacy Abrams, was exactly quiet about how much it matters either.

As the aforementioned story shared, ‘Stacey Abrams told “The View” hosts that she had “concerns” that the former vice president might not choose a “woman of color.”

Yes, it matters to Ms. Abrams, and don’t think she is the only one. Do we not think that Senator Kamala Harris or even Elizabeth Warren would love the opportunity to be Biden’s calendar girl? Okay, not like that, but that is another issue altogether for team Biden.

Someone should also be quick to warn Senator Klobuchar, that this may or may not mean anything. It wasn’t all that long ago when the Biden camp said they were narrowing in on their candidate, and that was before names like Abrams, Congresswoman Val Demings, or Senator Catherine Cortez Masto were even discussed.

But a “vetting” process, that has to be serious, right? What if we just step back for a moment and think about that. Imagine a November ticket for the Dems that read Biden/Klobuchar 2020 – oh my.

There is also no way to envision a running mate for the Biden campaign without thinking realistically about his running mate becoming the President. Joe isn’t a young man, his mental fitness and his health have been brought into question time and again – so yeah, it’s a valid concern.

Now, imagine this, President Amy Klobuchar. You don’t think she has, you don’t think any of the names on Biden’s not so short shortlist have? Shudder.

Despite being perhaps the whitest ticket in the history of modern politics, this could be the ticket we see. Senator Klobuchar has the experience, she is well-liked throughout her state of Minnesota, and she seems to be a “safe” pick.

But we digress because we are a long way from November and there is still a considerable amount of competition before anyone is named Ms. November. People with names like Warren, Whitmore, Hassan, Grisham, Yates… (no, we aren’t kidding), and others still may have something to say.

Remember, Joe likened this to a calendar model competition, and we might still have the evening gown and swimsuit competitions to go through! So what does Ms. Klobuchar herself have to say about potentially being a leading candidate for Ms. November?

Oddly, as our story noted, “Klobuchar has not yet responded publicly to the news.”

Apparently, she is overcome by the honor and the privilege, so perhaps the cat has her tongue? Thankfully, this wasn’t the speaking part of the competition. Maybe we are being too hard on the potential Biden/Klobuchar ticket though.

Biden/Warren, Biden/Abrams, Biden/Masto – do any of those sound better, more promising? Okay, so maybe it really doesn’t matter who else joins Biden on Dems 2020 ticket because do any of those possibilities instill any more confidence than another?

In fact, it kinds of make us think, what if the problem isn’t about selecting the right running mate, but the person already on the ticket? What if the problem isn’t about Ms. November, whoever she may be, but the calendar itself?

Calm down contenders, there is still a long way to go before a running mate is selected. Even if it is on a losing ticket.