Why Is Maxine Waters Investigating Trump?

Why Is Maxine Waters Investigating Trump?
Why Is Maxine Waters Investigating Trump?

Maxine Waters just won’t give up her witch hunt against President Trump. His followers thought she would have faded into the background by now. Instead, she is continuing to push the issue of investigating President Trump’s finances and the Trump organization. She is certain she is going to find something on Trump to show he was not on the up-and-up about everything.

Hot Points

  • Waters, a California Democrat, is targeting Trump’s non-profit foundation. She is leading the Democrats in this investigation because she strongly believes Trump has used the organization to avoid paying taxes.
  • Waters is determined to bring Trump down no matter how much time and money it takes. She has called for his impeachment in the past – yet she has never been able to present any proof to back up her claims.
  • Trump even closed his personal charitable foundation in December, amid more controversy. That fact does not seem to matter to Waters. She stated when talking about Trump, “I think that’s an area that should be looked at because I think the foundation has been used by him to avoid paying taxes.”
  • She has gone as far as contacting Deutsche Bank, which has been a lender to Trump for a long time. Waters claimed the bank was not cooperating with her initial request, but now says the bank has decided to be cooperative. She says, “But now that I have the chairmanship and we’re in the majority… yes, they have offered to cooperate and my staff have just started to work with them to get the documents.”
  • She not only wants Trump investigated for eluding tax payments but has previously called for his impeachment. She is now trying again, even though her own party has taken a cautious stance on the subject. She has taken to Twitter to say, “What more do we need to know? Impeachment is the only answer.”
  • Until she can provide some hard evidence and proof that Trump is guilty of any of these allegations, her demands for impeachment will rightfully continue to fall on deaf ears.